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Shadowdale is a farming community in the Dalelands, in north Faerûn. It was the home of the archmage Elminster Aumar and of two of The Seven Sisters, Storm Silverhand and Syluné Silverhand. Through its history, Shadowdale has battled both Zhentarim and Drow invasions. Due to its storied history and the number of ruins around Shadowdale, it is a popular place for adventuring companies to settle.  


Originally Shadowdale (then known as the "Land Under Shadow") was controlled by the drow, who constructed the original Twisted Tower to protect their underground routes in the area. The drow maintained a population of humans and other races on the surface, used as slaves.   In the early 900s DR, the increasing human population in the area, made up of Dalesmen who had migrated from the other side of the Dragon Reach over several centuries, caused a conflict with the drow. In the face of a siege lasting around a year, Azmaer Dhuurniv, who was the drow marshall of the Twisted Tower at that time, oversaw a general retreat of the drow into the Underdark. Although the Tower was being supplied from beneath with food and water, a human slave poisoned the Tower's well, allowing the human attackers to easily overwhelm it. Azmaer is thought to have retreated into the Underdark.   The first human ruler of Shadowdale was the water wizard Ashaba, who took power in 906 DR and the Twisted Tower bore his name thereafter, along with the River Ashaba. Before leaving rule, he nominated one of his lieutenants as the new lord, and he was presented to Shadowdale's people. This formed the basis for the political system that continues to be used in Shadowdale.     Aumry Obarskyr became Lord of Shadowdale in 1300 DR. Aumry ruled peacefully over the dale with his wife Syluné Silverhand. The peace in the dale encouraged attacks and sabotage from the Zhentarim, and led to Aumry's assassination in 1339 DR. The assassins responsible for Aumry's death were captured and killed by Jyordhan. Aumry was interned in Aumry's Tomb under Watcher's Knoll.

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