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Situated on a long peninsula that stabs like a knife into the heart of the Sea of Fallen Stars, Aglarond is a land of open water and deep woods. Here Humans and Elves have intermingled for centuries, and nowhere else in Faerûn is there a greater concentration of half-elves. The land has long stood as a bulwark holding back the The Red Wizards of Thay from the western lands. This is a thankless task, but the people of Aglarond take it up not for the survival of other countries, but their own.  


Ever since half-elves prevailed in the racial wars that tore the country apart over three hundred years ago, a monarch has ruled the people of Aglarond, starting with the legendary King Brindor. Alassra Shentrantra Silverhand also known as The Simbul, has been Aglarond's queen for a little over fifty years, and during that time she has built up an informal hierarchy of trusted officers, civic-minded merchants, and noble allies who serve as a civil administration. The Simbul's cult of personality has drastically increased the monarch's ability to get things done, but she has so far neglected to formalize any of her appointments or arrangements, so her death or disappearance would signal the end of effective centralized rule in the country, at least for a time. A Royal Council of powerful nobles and representatives from participating Aglarondan communities advises the monarch. Not all take advantage of the opportunity, preferring instead to chart their own course, distinct from that of Aglarond as a whole. The Simbul keeps her own counsel, despite what her advisors may have to say. They are not often privy to her larger plans for guiding the land's destiny. Instead, they handle the daily affairs of the nation. The council numbers thirty-three members, some of whom are the designated representatives of cities and towns, and others of whom are nobles with hereditary seats. About a dozen council members are close allies of the Simbul and part of her administration, but a handful oppose her rule and constrain her ability to do as she wishes.   Aglarond's ruler has traditionally chosen his or her own successor. Often this is the monarch's heir, but the last few rulers have not been related by blood. Since the Simbul has no children of her own, it's anyone's guess as to whom she might name to follow her. Given her penchant for disappearing for months on end, the Simbul has acceded to the council's request to tentatively name a successor. She hasn't been so foolish as to make public the identity of this individual, however. Instead, she has given magically sealed envelopes to several trustworthy Aglarondans (including her High Steward), to be opened only upon conclusive proof of her death. On several occasions in the past, various of The Seven Sisters impersonated her during some of her absences (at her request, and with her later support of their ruling decisions), so proof of her death may not be readily accepted by Aglarondans.   "Loose" is a generous description of the governments of Aglarondan towns and cities. They are chiefly concerned with only one thing: staving off invasion by Thay. In many-ways, Aglarond is not a nation so much as a defensive league - one reason the people of Altumbel and many of the cities along the nation's southern coast consider themselves independent. With the rest of Aglarond between them and Thay, they are confident of weathering any Thayan storm. A lady or lord governs each Aglarondan community. Hereditary nobles hold many of these positions, while others are awarded by acclamation (whether given willingly, extracted by blackmail or force, or taken simply because no one else wants the thankless job). The chief duty of an Aglarondan lord is to represent the community on the Royal Council. Some eschew this to set themselves up as petty lords answerable to no one, but most take their duties seriously. The Royal Council meets once a month, so local rulers spend a great deal of time traveling to Velprintalar and back. Some live in the capital most of the time and come back every other month or so to report what's happening in the court and to check on events at home.   Those who have earned the Simbul's trust carry out most of Aglarond's administration. While the Simbul does not intervene in the selection or accession of council members, she is not above dispatching one of her apprentices or elite captains to act as her surrogate in a town, thus circumventing troublesome individuals. Some view the Simbul's willingness to ignore the council as tyranny and worry about the precedent she is setting.    

Geographic Overview

The Aglarondan peninsula is roughly 540 miles long from the westernmost islands off the peninsula's tip to the eastern edge of the Umber Marshes. At its widest point, it's around 180 miles across, but this narrows to practically nothing at its western tip. The vast portion of this length of land is roughly 150 miles across from north to south.   Much of the Dragonjaw Mountains are also part of Aglarond, although the northwestern range is generally considered part of Thesk. However, the lands beyond the fortress at Emmech are past the direct protection of the armies of Aglarond and are thinly populated for this reason among others. This is an unforgiving part of the country, beset not only by monsters but by the ever-encroaching forces of Thay. Today, the minions of the Red Wizards are more rare, but the area's monsters still pose a grave threat to homesteaders and travelers alike.   Although Aglarond is at roughly the same latitude as Cormyr its weather is much more moderate. No place in the country - even the heart of the Yuirwood - is farther than ninety miles from the sea, arid most of its cities are actually on the peninsula's rocky coast. The waters moderate the weather, so the seasons are rarely as harsh as they are elsewhere.   Aglarond is isolated from the rest of Faerûn by the plateau of Thay to the east and the Sea of Fallen Stars on three other sides. Thus it separates the Easting Reach of the north from the Wizards' Reach and the Alamber Sea of the south. The Pirate Isles lie only a hundred miles or so off Aglarond's own western islands, but since piracy is punishable by immediate execution in Aglarond, most buccaneers give the land a wide berth. The length of water that separates Aglarond from Thesk is known as the Sea of Dlurg. This is more of a bay than a proper sea: At its narrowest point, about midway clown its length, only fifteen miles separate the city of Furthinghome from the Theskian shore.   While the Yuirwood covers much of Aglarond, the land between the trees and the shore consists of fertile, rolling hills that make excellent farmland. Farms are rarely more than ten miles from the shore. The half-elves who make their home under the Yuirwood's leafy canopy discourage large-scale settlement of the forest with a mixture of compromise, diplomacy, and the occasional veiled threat. Despite such efforts, though, the woods continue to recede every year. Grasses, shrubs, and vines quickly reclaim abandoned farmsteads, but trees are slow to return to territory stripped from the Yuirwood long ago.
National Territory


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