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Alustriel Silverhand

Lady Alustriel Silverhand is the elected ruler of Silverymoon and currently holds the title of the ruler of the Silver Marches, a confederation of various states in the areas around Silverymoon (including Mithral Hall, Everlund, Citadel Adbar, and other citadels, towns, and villages).   She is a powerful mage, being one of the Chosen of Mystra and one of The Seven Sisters. She is known for her love and devotion to her people (which may be considered unusual for those who hold political power). Due to this, she is extremely popular in Silverymoon, and most of her subjects would do anything within their power to prevent any harm from happening to her. She is considered a wise and fair ruler, but she does not hesitate to be ruthless when needed (i.e. in diplomacy).   Apart from being an intelligent, wise, and charismatic leader, she is also considered to be very beautiful.   She sought to create a realm that would radiate glory and culture, much like the (now fallen) elvish kingdom of Myth Drannor.     Alustriel has six sisters, Anastra Syluné Silverhand - who is a ghost dwelling in Shadowdale; Ambara Dove, who is now Dove Falconhand - a ranger; Ethena Astorma Silverhand (she prefers the shortened "Storm" these days) - a bard; Anamanue Laeral Silverhand - a mage and the wife of Khelben Arunsun; Alassra Shentrantra Silverhand (known today as the Simbul, the witch-queen of Aglarond and the Drow Eresseae Qilué Silverhand.   Alustriel is a close friend of the drow hero Drizzt Do'Urden. They first met when she was forced, against her wishes, into denying Drizzt entry into Silverymoon in order to maintain good relations with nearby Nesmé.   Eventually, as Drizzt became more accepted by the locals in the area (and regarded as a hero by many), he has since been allowed into Silverymoon by Alustriel. They have become friends over the years, and she and Drizzt (along with Drizzt’s pet Guenhwyvar) have repeatedly spent time alone together in Alustriel’s home.


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