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Helping Hands Home

Both children and adults leave their home in search for better opportunities — for adventure — and find theirselves with no way back. What little coin they have is gone and they have no way to fund travel home. Or perhaps they’ve become indebted. Others may have lost their parents. Or their parents abandoned them for perceived deformities or unfounded fears of their Tiefling or half-troll child.   Sometimes, the only place they can survive is the abandoned district of Tifwado City: Orphans’ Alley. It is here that these abandoned Folk can find a modicum of comfort at Helping Hands Home. Overseen by Mother Mymma Heathertoes, Helping Hands Home offers clean beds for orphans and other folks in poverty. They provide daily hot meals, as well as simple clothing and minor medical care.   If Helping Hands seems too good to be true, then you are already quite wise, Young Adventurer. To offer such care and expect nothing in return is not how the world works. At least not the world of Tifwado City. Helping Hands Home has been connected with a prominent thieves guild known as Crooked Fingers. See the blatant connection. It’s like they’re not even trying to hide it! Crooked Fingers members are perceived as a minor nuisance to most wealthy Folk, as they are expert pickpocketers. These pickpocketers are typically children. However, at higher levels, Crooked Fingers have been involved in kidnapping children of high-ranking officials. And in some cases, even assassinations.   People who stay at Helping Hands Homes are offered beds. They have the option of a temporary bed or a permanent one, which includes a small locked drawer. Twice a day, a modest meal is served and even those who prefer to stay on the streets, rather than in the beds, is invited to partake. There are no rules at Helping Hands, other than to treat Folk with kindness and to not act violently within the walls.   Adventuring children who have posed as orphans to infiltrate Helping Hands have never been approached by one of the staff with offers of crime. However, some of the orphans have spoken with other adventuring children about receiving perks and privileges for delivering gold and items they’ve pickpocketed.   The true motivation behind Helping Hands Home is still uncertain. Although they are clear in their anti-adventuring views and demands for more wealth distribution to go towards the abandoned or stranded children. However, some folk believe that these political stances are just covers to garner more support. It is supposed that their actual motivate is to control Tifwado City, and thus, control the whole of Westerly Union.
Alternative Names
Crooked Fingers Thieves Guild


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Jul 30, 2021 15:47 by A

I was tricked at first until I began to read the actual article! I like the idea of a "children's thieves guild" in this world as it fits the setting a lot. Thinking about those who lost everything, were abandoned or just did not get into adventuring school and see the other children do all the adventuring might just spark a child into this world. Great article!

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Jul 31, 2021 22:58 by Cassandra Sojourn

Yes. Things may look happy and bright. But if we're talking about reality, it probably isn't a good idea to send your twelve year old out to battle beasts. I just have this idea in my head of all these kids who love the idea of adventuring but soon realize it's much too scary. Whether they settle in Tifwado because they don't have a league to sponsor them so they can't get back home or are too embarrassed to face their family/village without making a name for themselves, they end up stuck here. And what better way to get some money than by taking it from those who have more than enough. (Allegedly).

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