Guide to Calendars

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Making Your Calendar

First of all, you want to fill out all the values in the screenshot above. For now, I recommend doing them all at once as some wonk can happen. Once you have filled out all of these, click the Save Information button.

What is the...

Day Offset?

The day offset represents how many days from the first day of the first year of the calendar. By default, the first day of the calendar falls on the first day of the week. If you wish to offset it so that the first day of the first year of the calendar falls on a different day, change this number.   It is not standard for calendars to operate in this way historically.

Year Offset?

The year you're viewing the calendar as for editing. Note that the calendar is not meant to be used as a timeline. Changes aren't applied based on the year you add a calendar note to. This offset is merely to help simulate calculating which dates a holiday or event might fall on within your lore.   This does not change the default date the calendar renders at with bbcode. To do that, read on.

Fill out the section which appears after. Then click Save Details.

Adding Holidays

You will now see your calendar rendered to the specs above. Click on the pen on any entry to add a title and notes to it. Save the calendar overall for these changes to keep!

This not a timeline!

Calendars are not timelines! They are not intended for use as a timeline, where you flip through them to see the events of your world.   Instead, they are a template of events to be combined with your timeline! A calendar represents a year, a timeline represents events!

I have a request!

  To follow the progress and plans, check out the Trello!   There will always a card for leaving comments in the In Progress column/list, so if you have a Trello account feel free to leave a note.   I check it regularly.  

I found a bug!

Comment it on Trello or in the comments below!


Without a year offset

Now you can embed your calendar! Make an article for it, embed it, and share it with the world so that they can see all the cool calendar systems you've created! To embed it, look for the button like to the side here, click it, and paste from your clipboard wherever you like.
Copy [calendar:20011] to clipboard

You can offset the year it renders by adding a variable for the offset, such as [calendar:20011|2019].

Other Features

BBCode Support

Notes support and render BBCode! Check out New Years on the calendar above to see!

CSS Editing

For Journeymen+

Numerous Selectors

The calendar is chock-full of unique selectors you can use for styling it with CSS, and has very few non-bootstrap styles applied to it to make it easy to change. I've put calendar- at the front of all the selectors you should be using for this, so if you see an element we missed and would like us to add it, comment below!

Custom Date CSS

The tags you apply to a calendar note are applied to the date on the presentation side. So if for example you add holiday as a tag to a note, then you can select the css of the presentation side and give it a unique styling!

.user-css {
    box-shadow: inset 0px 0px 5px green;


Cover image: Calendar by Monica Sauro


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11 Sep, 2019 13:55

19 Sep, 2019 22:09

You done borked my comment box. How darest.

19 Sep, 2019 20:46

There seems to be a bug with adding comments to a calendar, where 2 things happen:   1) The comment text box does not change between entries. For example, I add New Years Day to Jan 1, save it, and go to Feb 2 to add groundhog day, but the text + title of the Jan 1 note is still there.   2) Notes added since the last save of the calendar do not show on the editing screen, I have to save the calendar to get them to appear.   Unrelated) Will we be able to add multiple, listed notes to a day in the future, rather than all holidays being in one note? I have calendar days that have 2 holidays on them.

19 Sep, 2019 22:06

1) Noted and added to backlog.   2) That's odd. Is this for all notes or a specific one? If you just put "test" in all fields does it work? Possible there's a character such as an apostraphe which is confusing it. Definitely a bug but this will help me track it down.   3) That would really blow open the scope of the calendar. One of the limitations here is that the main calendar can't render bbcode, only notes (design limitation to keep load times down). Doing this would necessitate changing how the calendar saves notes.   I don't rule it out, though. I want to add dynamic calendars and it will probably necessitate that anyway.

24 Sep, 2019 04:50

Very cool. I've been using, so this is great.   1. Is there a way to have the calendar auto select the current year, month and day. I set the year.   2. I hope your plans also include hours in the day and setting solstice values and day night hours.

24 Sep, 2019 05:51

You can mark a solstice as a holiday currently, but I do plan on allowing dynamic holidays.   For now, marking day/night and other details like weather and such I would recommend doing via calendar description. I will also be adding per-month descriptions fairly soon.   Not sure what you visualize for setting the current month and day, but it is something you can again do by adding a note to that day, and perhaps some custom CSS.   Someone showed me the other day! It's really great! It also took him a chunk of time to make and has a slightly different focus than these calendars, but I do aspire to have some similar features—albeit with more of a focus of complementing other WA features instead of just trying to replicate the wonderful tool he has created. :)

26 Sep, 2019 15:42

Nothing changes when I add celestial bodies, is that a bug or is it not finished yet?

26 Sep, 2019 17:44

It's not implemented yet. If you check out the trello you can see my plan for order of implementation, but I'd like to get celestial bodies out by Oct 3rd.

29 Sep, 2019 22:35

Why is it that the 'Save Information' won't work and render the calendar?

30 Sep, 2019 00:31

If you have a discord or twitter I can help fix this faster since we can talk faster, but for now if you could open the console (f12), click the save button, and screenshot the error to me I can start investigating!   Sorry for the inconvenience.

11 Oct, 2019 09:13

Since I don't have Trello I'll post it here: I (Master Rank) tried to create my own calenders today and no matter what I do I can't get any to be shown in the presentation mode. Here is what I did:

    • Created a Calender with two days a week and two months
    • Created a completely new generic article
    • Only thing I typed in was the Tag of the calender as copied from that Copy-to-clipboard-button
    • Opened the published, no WIP article in presentation mode
I did the same thing with more complex calenders, with and without celestial bodies and with or without Day/Year offsets. No result whatsoever I have no custom CSS embedded anywhere in my world and use the theme Scripture. This would be my intended calender
  Other than that I'm hyped for the final version! Keep it up Ademal! :D

11 Oct, 2019 11:52

Hello, I'm trying to do the same but can't make it show up. Have tried just

, and [calendar:22892] but doesn't seem to work on the article. Could you explain how you did it?

11 Oct, 2019 14:03

Dimi fixed it. And it showed up in the first comment because of reasons... *shrugs*

11 Oct, 2019 14:00

Two things I've noticed:   1. the month descriptions don't show up anywhere 2. The moon phases are completely messed up, not following a cycle pattern. They jump straight from full moon to new moon. Seemingly the second half of the cycle is backwards (ie new moon grows to full moon in first half, then immediately jumps to new moon and grows to full moon in the second half again)

12 Oct, 2019 08:56

Noted! Working on it!

13 Oct, 2019 01:29

I would like to confirm that this is happening to my lunar cycles as well. They have no semblance of a cycle, jumping as Jake said between random phases.

11 Oct, 2019 15:39

Another thing with one certain calendar for my campaign (occurs both in the "Preview without CSS"-section and the presentation mode):

    • The calendar has 10 months
    • Every other month has only 1 day, the other ones have 72
- The long months have 8 weeks with 9 days each --> Selecting a 1-day-month shows 72 days, but not if all months are just labled from A to J.   If I label the months as follows (letters for the long ones) the problem occurs as detailed above:
    • A
    • 1. Rastullahellah
    • C
    • 2. Rastullahellah
    • E
    • 3. Rastullahellah
    • G
    • 4. Rastullahellah
    • I
    • 5. Rastullahellah
If I label the months as follows now (letters for the short ones) the problem reverses, all months become 1-day-months after the first selection of a short month:
    • After the 5. Rastullahellah
    • B
    • After the 1. Rastullahellah
    • D
    • After the 2. Rastullahellah
    • F
    • After the 3. Rastullahellah
    • H
    • After the 4. Rastullahellah
    • J
I hope this is not too strange to fix and as always, thanks for your awesome work WA-Team!

12 Oct, 2019 08:56

Thank you for the specifications!

12 Oct, 2019 18:03

Is there any way to skip the part where you input the weekday names? I just want my calendar to go from 1-30 for a month, with each week having 10 days but no names of the days of the week.

13 Oct, 2019 06:48

Just put a number and check the option to hide the weekdays from presentation.

13 Oct, 2019 15:18

Thanks a ton. Also, is it possible to have a day that is not part of a month? I'm looking to create something like the Calendar of Harptos from D&D, if you are familier.

18 Oct, 2019 01:47

Someone did a Greyhawk calendar that might give you ideas.

18 Oct, 2019 19:23

Is there a way to link directly to a specific month in the calendar when embedded? aka calendar:20011|2019|1

18 Oct, 2019 21:53

Not yet. Very soon! :)