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Adventures in Val'Vahan

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of Val'Vahan
Sept 6, 2018 | Full

The Year is 1063 Year of Huraedon. The Gral Aelmourne consolidates a vast empire in Uulsan Torall, and the Empire looks on warily. The mighty hero Surimë has reemerged at the right hand of Aelmourne. He renamed himself Felmourne, and is the blood brother of the Great Gral, and aids Aelmourne with his conquests.

The Mad Emperor dur Jane has disappeared into Throne Room, chasing the spirit of his pagan wife. An Interregnum composed of the greatest Wizards of the Empire and the Empire's most powerful noble families manages the Empire of Juraedon. The capital is filled with poltical scheming.

But there is never a lack of need for adventurers and mercenaries. The world is for the taking.

The Initial Setting
Generic article | Aug 27, 2018


  • Map of The Glorious and Eternal Empire of Juraedon
    The Northern Empire: its territorial extent has never been matched, even by the peerless Nelqorana.
  • Map of The World as Discovered and Guessed
    The world as understood by the scholars of the Western Churches.


Scheduled Sessions

Thu 27th June 2019 13:00

Session 3: Into the Jungle

Sessions Archive

13th Jun 2019

Session 1: They have a boat

The as-of-yet-unnamed party has retrieved a boat from a wealthy group of smugglers, and may now explore the world according to their heart's desires.

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27th Sep 2018

Session 3: The Beginning of Power

After a tough battle with a strange Wizard, the party finally begins to grow in strength and stature.

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