Val'Vahan Timeline

Dominance of Nelqora

0 - 1842

This is the beginning of Modern History. This time was of the rise and dominance of Nelqora.

Year of Hod

0 - 1179

This period immediately proceeds the Year of Nelqora. Hod the Great founded a new age and the calendar reflects this. These years are designated the time of the dominance of Hod's imperial mantle, or the Year of Hod.

  • 0 Year of Hod

    Founding of Mother Huraedon/Creation of the Huraedon Imperial Mantle:

    Mother Huraedon, birther of nations, is founded by Hod the Great. With her comes the creation of the Huraedon Imperial Mantle; a prestigious title that demands respect and authority.

  • 892 Year of Hod

    Fall of Mother Huraedon
    Military action

    After many centuries of troubles and decline and loss of territory, Mother Huraedon is conquered by successor states.

  • 1032 Year of Hod

    Elvish Conquest of Volk
    Military action

    The Naharaim conquer the City of Volk, and will hold the Holy City for many centuries.

  • 1103 Year of Hod

    Reconciliation of the States of Huraedon

    The many and varied states of Huraedon begin to form a powerful league.

  • 1111 - 1179 Year of Hod

    Retaking of Lower Huraedon
    Political event

    Through either diplomacy or force, the Western Confederation of Huraedonites have consolidated their holdings in Western Huraedon and have set their sights on Central and Eastern Huraedon. Though the conquests lasts 60 years, they succeed in forming a new Empire, maintaining the Imperial Mantle of Huraedon.

    Related Location
    Lower Huraedon

Year of Huraedon

0 - Ongoing

This period immediately proceeds the end of the Years of Hod. This is a new age and is represented by the Year of Huraedon. This is the time of the reformation of the Empire Huraedon, and then its fall, and then the reimplementation of the imperial mantle of Nelqora by the Empire of Juraedon.

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