Throne Room

One Step Below Earth, One Step Above Hell

Before a Devil is fully consumed by Devilry and becomes a being of ash, they will reside in a torus-shaped realm of Hell: Throne Room. This place, which occupies a near infinitely small space a near infinite distance from Heaven, is a strange parallel of our world. It is made of a mishmash of the many cultures the Devils have experienced during their long existence.

Devils swarm the streets in a plethora of shapes and sizes. Many of them are friendly, and one will realise that these devils are more human than not. They are also accompanied by the spirits of various humans (who have taken strange forms), or the spirits of the magical creatures of Val'Vahan. The general suffocating feel of Throne never leaves. The streets are jam-packed. Stores are everywhere and offer anything you could possibly desire. The architecture is strange, sometimes closeted sometimes sweeping in scope. Bizarre statues hide in nooks and frightening spirits wander the streets. The farther you go from the centre of Throne, the more disparate the structures become, but also the more magnificent.

The most peculiar, and maybe the most important, aspect of Throne Room is that it is equidistant from every point in existence - except for Heaven. This is the method through which Teleportation works. All portals are merely doorways into Throne Room. Once in Throne Room one must find a specific door in this plane. You then enter that door and appear at your destination. No time passes during your journey through Throne Room, but its hazards mean that only self-assured wizards or warriors ever dare to pass through.

Most enigmatic of Throne Room is its owner, the Lady in Yellow. She will sometimes be seen wandering through the streets, being given a space of twenty feet by all the devils and spirits, and generally being quiet. Never talk with her, do not look at her, and make sure to not think of her as she nears you.

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