The Lady in Yellow

O Willowy and Great One

The Lady in Yellow.

The streets of Throne Room go quiet, Devils and spirits press against the wall as she passes. Do not speak to her. Do not stand near her. Do not look at her. Do not think of her. She glides by, and you hear gibbering madness underneath the cloak.

Who is she? The Devils whisper that she is a Solitude, one that has rebelled and turned into a form fitting for service to the Dead God. Others say that she is a Devil who has gorged herself on uncountable souls and has attained the powers of a minor Seat. There are a few Devils that whisper, for one never knows if their Master is listening, that she is the tortured soul of some gardening woman, taken because of her likeness to Chesed, perverted into something beyond recognition, ruined so that the aching loneliness of Gendûet would be satiated.

Divine Classification
Monstrous Force
Current Location

Cover image: by Bastien Grivet


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