Devil Prince Be'alim (a.k.a. Web Weaver)

Be'alim is one of the six Devil Princes that vie for domination of Throne. Her powers are guile and cunning. She designs sprawling plans and stratagems for a society that will last the ages. Her understanding of the mind and its functions is unmatched, and with her knowledge, she intends to make the perfect kingdom -- peaceful and never internally disturbed.

She is a politician, so it is fitting her more abrasive powers come in the form of twisting, shadowy webs. Her minions take the form of spiders, and they scurry about in the darkness enacting her will. She can be beautiful - if she so desires - but Be'alim prefers the hidden and crooked ways, rather than taking a heavy-handed approach in matters she's concerned with.

Divine Classification
Current Location

Cover image: by Jelke Ludolphij
Character Portrait image: by WotC


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