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Uulsan Torall: the Occupied Territories


A large territory ruled by the Empire of Juraedon.

The Occupied Territories is a large peninsula that juts out from the Orridental continent. The terrain of the Occupied Territories (Uulsan Torall in the native tongue) are structurally complex. In the centre is a great massif composed of uplifted rocks and furled troughs, giving the appearance of a rough plateau, wedged between two folded mountain ranges that connect to the east at the Altaic Front.

Much of the land is above 450 meters of elevation. About 70% of the territory is rough, broken, and mountainous, meaning unfit for agriculture. The terrain below the mountains is hilly. Lowlands or flatlands are confined to the Trizil river delta, which entirely freezes in the winter the coastal plains of the south; the valley floors of the Gediz and Buryük rivers; some interior high plains within the central mountains; some flatlands following certain rivers that discharge into the Bory Ocean; the plains of Muruk; and the plains, forests, and prairies of Zagros.

Modestly sloping terrain is found in Yurik's Thumb, and the large fortress Visha's Hold is built there to guard the Menden mountain pass to the east.

Pictured above is the almost jarring difference between the foothills of the central massif and the prairies of Zagros, Uulsan Torall's most densely populated region.

The principle people that live here are called the Baiyurts and the Pashjik. The Baiyurts are the people who ride horses along the northern and central plains of Uulsan Torall. The Pashjik are the people who live in the high hills and rough massifs that dominate most of the subcontinent. The Baiyurts tribes are collectively called the Uulsan; the Pashjik tribes are collectively called the Torall. Their tribes are collectively called the Uulsan Torall, hence the name of the subcontinent.

The current Emperor, Aelmourne, is from this hard land.

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