The List of Homebrewed Races and Sub-races

As of the game right now, called Adventures in Val'Vahan, these are the subraces and races that I have homebrewed that are allowed. Scroll to the article's bottom to read the statblock. If it is titled 'Sub-race', then you are to use the PHB race as its base. If it is titled 'Race', then all the required information is in the statblock. If there is contradictory information between the statblock and the PHB (for instance, the Tyrandine Dwarf statblock says they are Small sized, but the PHB says Dwarves are Medium sized) then you are to take the statblock's information over that of the PHB's (so your Tyrandine Dwarf will be considered Small sized).

These are not replacements of the PHB races. If you want to play a Pokhrazadi Dwarrow, meaning Hill Dwarf, but don't like the statblock I've given and would prefer the PHB one, you're free to use the PHB stats instead of mine.

If you have any questions or concerns or even race ideas privately message me on Discord.


The Nelqorana are the ruling class/race of the Empire. They are deliberately overpowered in many aspects.

Ethnicity | Apr 7, 2020

High Men of the North

The Goutai of the mountains. They are a Con and Wisdom race. They are good in combat and are not bothered by high heights.

Ethnicity | Sep 25, 2020

Bold and Quick to War

The Men of Lower Huraedon: they are a populous people of a hilly and swampy region. Their stats give a large amount of options for skills and skills options, and the option to have expertise in one skill.

Dun Huraedonites
Ethnicity | Jul 28, 2020

The Men of Middle-Erub

The Seavtai of the mountains. They are a Dex and Wis race, good with riding horses and with buffs to the shortbow. They aren't bothered by high heights.

Ethnicity | Feb 2, 2020

The Ancient Northeastern Men

The Men of Greater Huraedon: they are a widespread and populous people of hills and plains. They are a general group powerful with critical attacks and with high charisma.

Brin Huraedonites
Ethnicity | Jan 11, 2020

The Men of Greater Huraedon

The Baiyurts: they are a horse people of the near-east. They are very powerful if mounted, but still have wide skill options and stats focused for ranged attacks even if not mounted.

Ethnicity | Sep 1, 2019

The Mighty Horselords of Uulsan Torall

The Anx Tentyrics: they are the people of the desert. A simple but solid choice. They have high Passive Perceptions and tolerate the desert well.

Anx Tentyrics
Ethnicity | Apr 18, 2020

The Men of Alk'kir

The Tetian: they are islanders of a magical isle. A Tetian player character has high intelligence modifiers, and can choose from a long list of the weaker feats in the PHB.

Ethnicity | Sep 28, 2019

The Men of Tete


The Eresdolhn Elves of Lower Huraedon: they are the good folk, the left-overs of a mightier people although still mighty themselves. Their stats have been deliberately imbalanced to be slightly overpowered, representing the greater power the High Elves have over the other races (besides the Dwarrow). They are strength-focused, and they have a powerful keystone ability, although they gain Shadow Points more quickly.

Eresdolhn: the Undying
Ethnicity | Jun 30, 2020

The Fair-elves

The Quoth Elves of the Forests of Color: they live in Lower Huraedon. Their stats are focused on making you lithe and limber, giving you abilities to jump around more easily, and gives a climbing speed.

The Quoth
Ethnicity | Feb 2, 2020

Elves of the Forests of Color

The Desert Elves of Alk'kir: they live to the northwest of Erub, the continent you are currently on. They are a few people, composed of many tribes. Their stats are slightly overpowered to represent the power the High Elves have over the other races (besides the Dwarrows). Their stats encourage 'divination' play, and lets you play with advantage, and gives more options for a DM's inspiration. They are also quite at home in the desert, having heat resistance and other powers.

Pol-Muyyaqar: of the Desert
Ethnicity | Apr 7, 2020

The Desert Elves

The Altaic Elves of Northern Tizüb: they live in the northern tundras of the eastern continent. They are a hardy folk with little written lore. Stat-wise, they are a general race good with any front line class.

The Altaic
Ethnicity | Oct 25, 2019

The Northern Elves

The Naharaim of Atoraya-Kaldea: they live in the Near-East and are a scientific people. They are a powerful Intelligence race, notable for their proficiency in Medium armor.

The Naharaim
Ethnicity | Apr 7, 2020

The Near-eastern Elves

The Parasquen: they are a divided people of many city-states; and although they are disinclined towards war, they are capable fighters. A skills-focused race, with many, many options. Has a wisdom bonus. Might be a good fit for clerics.

The Parasquen
Ethnicity | Aug 26, 2019

The Content Elves

Caládolhn: sturdy race that like all High Elves are slightly overtuned, but they need to be in their homeland to access this power. Good fit for wisdom characters. Also not too affected by the cold.

Caládolhn: Fair-Faced
Ethnicity | Dec 29, 2020

The Elves of Northern Erub

Note: ALL the Dwarrow (Dwarves) are very powerful in their home territories, but are balanced outside of it. This represents the greater powers the Dwarrow have as creatures fundamentally of the earth. Also, the ability to not get lost in the Dwarf Halls is invaluable in my campaigns. I will also be biased in a Dwarf's favor if they are in their own Halls. The Dwarrow should be as powerful as the High Elves while they are home, stat-wise.


The Dwarrow of Pokhrazad: are the Hill Dwarrow in the Northern Empire. They are sad but brave. They have charisma as a stat bonus, and can give allies the half-orc not-dying staying-at-one-hp ability.

Dwarrow of Pokhrazad
Ethnicity | Feb 4, 2020

The Dwarrow Who Live in Pokhrazad

The Dwarrow of Felegost: are the Mountain Dwarrow who live in the southern mountains of the Southern Empire. They are used to the jungle and the mountain snows. Stat-wise, they are very sturdy, given another resistance. They also have a charisma ASI.

Dwarrow of Felegost
Ethnicity | Jun 10, 2019

The Far Dwarrow

The Dwarrow of Ngdheim: are those Mountain Dwarrow in the Northern Empire who are known for their jolliness and their massive hydro architecture. They have a powerful buff ability if they are near a few allies.

Dwarrow of Ngdheim
Ethnicity | Oct 8, 2019

The Round Dwarrow

The Blue Dwarrow: are the last remaining Dwarrow of the Das of the Western Mountains in the Northern Empire. They are mean and magically inclined. They are an interesting race. They are quite powerful, and intelligence focused. They have a mechanic in which they temporarily become empowered, but when not using this empowered state you become quite weak, like a Drow in sunlight.

The Blue Dwarrow
Ethnicity | Feb 4, 2020

The Tricky Dwarrow

The Dwarrow of Tyrandoth: are the Dwarrow that live in the Southern Empire's eastern mountains. They are small but fierce. They are a combat focused race, with +2 Str, and are considered Small.

Dwarrow of Tyrandoth
Ethnicity | Oct 8, 2019

The Dwarfs Who Live in Tyrandoth

VolKernen: they live in the northern fjords and mountains. Good for Dexterity characters that like moving around and helping allies.

Ethnicity | May 21, 2020

The Northern Dwarrow

EkLachen: they live in the northern fjords, cousins to the VolKernen. Good for Int characters.

Ethnicity | May 16, 2020

The Spirited North Dwarrow


Swertuks of the eastern hills. They are good mounted fighters. Their small size gives them a lot of maneuverability while mounted, and they can stealth easily.

Ethnicity | Oct 19, 2019

The Hill Hobbits

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