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The Bookhounds of London

A Gumshoe System game In the world of Occult London
January 2019 | Full
C.W. Bailey and Son, Booksellers, is an unassuming shop in the Covent Garden neighborhood, on the edge of the West End of London. The selection is alright, the tea is excellent, and the staff is...well, a bit dodgy.

These "bookhounds" are, through the pages they pore over, about to find themselves up to their necks in worlds they never thought possible, and dangers they had never even conceived.

Our campaign is live-streamed every other Sunday at 3:30 on the Tesserarian Tales YouTube Channel!

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Sessions Archive

14th Apr 2019

Session V: In the Court of the King

Our Bookhounds are chasing riches buried in a sea of shifting perceptions and perhaps madness. How far will they go?

17th Mar 2019

Session IV: One Night with the King

The artist's eye sees farther, deeper. But what if what lies behind the everyday is not meant for mortal eyes?

3rd Mar 2019

Session III: The Eye of Byatis

What happens if the eye of a baleful god comes open? What if it already is?

17th Feb 2019

Session II: The Nagaae

It slithers and croaks the name of its god. Oh, and it's come for the Bookhounds!

20th Jan 2019

Session I: The Uncongenial Mr. Dives


The Protagonists

Prof. Cuthbert Handly

Shaw Hughes

Margaret McGill