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Birgit Von Kant

Baronness Birgit Croy Von Kant

"Mrs. Von Kant? Yes, she's patronized the store previously. A most intense woman, about whom I would not be inclined to gossip."

"For example, I would be the last person in the world to mention her deep and unabiding interest in the works of Von Juntz, or that she relies upon the circumspection of the genteel and those who do business with the genteel to not comment upon the strange injuries she has suffered and the odd noises one hears in and around her residences."

"I would be the last person to do so, because, were she to hear of it, I imagine it would be one of the last things I did."

  • Evelyn Hathaway to Aston Drummell
  • Physical Description

    Facial Features

    One of her eyes is glass, but the facsimile is of such quality that you can only detect it up close.

    Apparel & Accessories

    Mrs. Von Kant can dress in the latest gowns for balls and formal affairs, but prefers her own fashion of men's suits, cut and tailored to flatter her feminine shape.

    Mental characteristics


    Birgit acquired a degree in history from the University of Zurich.


    While her family and her husband's family have had fortunes that ensure she has never had to work, Birgit has been called upon by a variety of ecclesiastical and academic groups for aid in identifying and authenticating old books.


    Family Ties

    Birgit is married to Hermann Von Kant, son of Ernst Von Kant, the "mad Witch-Hunter of Westphalia." Hermann and Birgit ascended to the seat of the Barony after Ernst's untimely death, claiming madly that some "dark god" had seized his limbs and moved him like a puppet.

    Religious Views

    Birgit is a prominent Catholic, whose book savvy and generous donations ensure that the Archbishop of Munich's door is always open to her.

    Wealth & Financial state

    Mrs. Von Kant came from money and married into more. As her families have sold off their land, she has used whatever came into her hands to expand her husband's library, one of the greatest collections of occult manuscripts on the continent.
    Honorary & Occupational Titles
    Baroness (this title, like all German nobility, has been defunct since 1919)
    Year of Birth
    1890 44 Years old
    Circumstances of Birth
    Born under a new moon, her family priest, Ludwig von Burowski, commented that the stars "seemed to dim, leaving the land as dark as I have ever known."
    Pale green
    Aligned Organization
    Character Prototype
    Marlene Dietrich

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    Character Portrait image: by UK Ministry of Information (Public Domain)


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