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Ben Travers

Ben Travers

Mental characteristics


Travers was educated at the Abbey School, Beckenham, and Charterhouse. He was even sent abroad to Dresden in 1904 to learn German. He will be the first to tell you that he had little interest in school and school little interest in him.


Despite his wish to join the theater, Travers spent many of his early adult years working in the wholesale grocery business of his father. While he began in the company's head offices on Cannon Street, he was soon dispatched to regional offices in Singapore and Malacca.

While abroad, his wish to be an actor transformed into a wish to be a playwright, based on a reading of the collected plays of Pinero. In 1911, he took a job as a publisher's reader for John Head. After the Great War, he settled down, got married, and started writing.

Accomplishments & Achievements

He published his first novel, The Dippers, in 1921, which he converted (actually converted back) into a play that was produced in the West End in 1922. Since then, he's written numerous plays, including eight of the 10 Aldwych Farces, although his relationship with the Aldwych theatre is reported to be strained.

Wealth & Financial state

Travers is a working writer, but does a bit better for himself thanks to his wife's private income.
Year of Birth
1886 48 Years old
Current Residence
He stays in London while working on plays, but his home is in Somerset
Light and clear
Dark and slicked back

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Character Portrait image: by Howard Coster


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