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Harcourt Williams

Harcourt Williams (a.k.a. Billie)

Mental characteristics


Williams was educated at at Beckenham Abbey and Whitgift Grammar School, Croydon.


In 1897, he got his first theatrical work as a member of Frank Benson's touring company. He made his London debut in 1900, and appeared in numerous plays, including the first portrayal of Mr. Darcy on stage in Rosina Fillipi's adaptation of Pride and Prejudice.

In 1929, he became the director of the Old Vic theatre company, and has directed dozens of plays for the theatre, though the loss of John Gielgud has left him wondering if he should stay (and much of the West End wondering the same thing).

Personality Characteristics

Personality Quirks

Williams is an avowed vegetarian, living on a diet of Bemax, bread, and cheese.
Year of Birth
1880 54 Years old

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Character Portrait image: by Foulsham and Banfield (Public Domain)


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