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Caedis Urbi Verae Claves

The mystics of ancient Araby knew. They called it ilm al-raml, or "the science of the sand". While some men think this refers to the earth in toto, creating "houses" for geomantic power, they forget that magic is will, and what we have willed into being surrounds us in stone, puts stone beneath our feet, and reshapes the world. The power is in the city, and the city is power.

  • Johannes Turris
  • Purpose

    Johannes Turris, a contemporary of Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, built this manual, titled "The True Keys of the City of Death" as a reference manual for a peculiar type of magic that focused on manipulating the primordial power Turris claimed was the true force that shaped urban areas.

    Document Structure


    The "keys" of Turris's text are 50 geometric, astrological, and other occult symbols, with detailed explanations on how to use them to manipulate the eldritch energies inherent within a city.

    Publication Status

    There are a handful of manuscripts extant of Caedis Urbi Verae Claves, though most are partial at best. The most valuable are those that are not only complete, but annotated by the intellectual descendants of Turris, like Thibault de Castries.

    Historical Details


    According to Turris, all the cities humans have built were, in truth, the manifestations of supernatural powers, usually the result of mankind's expression of their conceptions of paranormal, or even demonic forces. The "true keys," then, allowed the magician to harness and utilize those forces to their own ends.

    The text mentions Rome and Nineveh, as well as Commoriom, Sarnath, Olathose. Turris refers in his text to his use of the "Testament of Kathulos," which he claims dates back to Atlantis.
    Manual, Magical / Occult
    Vellum / Skin
    Authoring Date

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