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Margaret McGill

Campaign & Party

18 October 1934


by Margaret McGill

October 18, 1934
Can’t sleep. Weird dreams. Books that are paintings that break apart into puzzle pieces and become different books, even though it seems like the pieces shouldn’t fit together that way.
So. There’s lots of bits in the middle I haven’t worked out yet, but if we DO let anyone have a copy of the play, I am not alright with it being performed again, ever. Now, thing is, it occurs to me that I probably could persuade him - or, actually, any number of people, to….well do anything. Give the play back to us. Set it on fire. Whatever.
Why have I been limiting myself to books? And the odd side project like the badge for Shaw (which was SO much fun, let me tell you!). I can do letters. Contracts. Accounts books. All these rich toffs, they’re so awfully terribly worried about reputation. Tawdry letters of passion to wholly inappropriate people. Contracts for services one would not want anyone to know about. Evidence of embezzlement, heaven forfend! Confessions, heresy…. I really hadn’t thought about it, because I’ve just been so focused on books.
We could sell him the book…. Or maybe we set out two books, one’s the play, and the other is….who knows? Something about him? Something about someone he hates? Someone he loves? So which one does he want?
I wonder what snooty Mr. Golightly wants? What he’s afraid of? What he wouldn’t want anyone to know? Alexandra’s in Bedlam, not in prison, and if I recall what Shaw said there was no proof of who killed the father and brother. Well, what if there was?
No, I know. Books are my thing, and I don’t have practice with any of those other things. But with most documents, you don’t need something that’s flawless, just enough to get a rise out of someone. It’s just now my brain is full of all the things I could do, and…. The thought of making something that could hurt people, innocent people, when instead I could be churning out piles and piles of scandalous documents?

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