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Evelyn Hathaway

Evelyn James Hathaway

"A copy of the Compendium Maleficarum with annotations by a Golden Dawn Hermeticist? Oh, I expect I might be able to dredge up something. Of course, I expect you to make it worth my while, not the least by telling me what you want it for..."

Physical Description

Body Features

Evelyn is a slender man of average height, with a rosy complexion that, along with his slicked hair, takes 10 years off his apparent age.

Apparel & Accessories

He dresses somewhat ostentatiously, in fine suits with colored shirts. His student-style round spectacles are usually pushed high on the ridge of his hawkish nose. His fuzzy moustache would draw more pity than admiration, except that he is a man of means, so few give him grief about it.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Evelyn is the second Hathaway to be master of Hathaway and Company, following his father, who has retired to Brighton.


Read History at King's College

Personality Characteristics

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Evelyn knows everyone worth knowing in the book trade.
Current Location
Year of Birth
1888 46 Years old
Ruled Locations

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Character Portrait image: by Australian National Maritime Museum


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