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"Gentleman" Jack Squires

Jack Squires (a.k.a. "Gentleman Jack")

"When you come to it, I'm a businessman, same as any bloke from here to the City. I measure profit versus risk, calculate expenses and try to keep them low, and get boys and girls who know their jobs and do them well. If the trades I go in aren't very nice, well, I suppose we could ask if those trades attracted me or vice versa until we'd drunk all the beer in the pub."

"What I'm not going to ask is whether you're going to do as I have instructed. That's not really at question. You
will. I mean, you don't have to. Everyone's got a choice to make. But I assure you that choosing not to ends with a short trip to my basement...and the sound of teeth."

Physical Description

Body Features

Jackie is shorter, but broad through the shoulders.

Identifying Characteristics

Jackie is most well-known for the three scars on his face. They run parallel across his face, one of them coming dangerously close to his eye. His toughs say he got them in a knife fight, but they seem awfully well-aligned for such a story.

Apparel & Accessories

He dresses well, in three-piece suits, usually dark, with a bright flash of a pocket square and tie.



He earned the nickname "Gentleman Jack" because, unlike most London thugs, he never seems to lose his temper. He's always soft-spoken and calm, even when carving someone up.

Wealth & Financial state

No one knows for certain how rich Jackie is, but the con man and gangster has enough money to run a pub, own a home, suborn the cops, and keep plenty of muscle at hand.
Year of Birth
1899 35 Years old
Current Residence
He lives in Limehouse, but does most of his business at the Moor's Head pub on the Isle of Dogs.

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Character Portrait image: by Unknown


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