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Alexandra Golightly

Alexandra Genevia Golightly

"Being locked in this room is inconvenient. It means I cannot finish my work and so I cannot go where I would like to go. You know, few writers have the ability to write honestly. Truths are used for entertainment only and that is a strange concept: it barely grazes what is of import. Such a writer is like a man whose only concern is to hide his ignorance."

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Alexandra is waifish, with a slightly unearthly nature since the hospital cut off all of her hair.

Special abilities

She may have some talent for crafting works of art and the Art.

Mental characteristics


Alexandra was educated at home by tutors. She has not attended school in her lifetime.


The closest Alexandra ever came to a "profession" was the release of her book of poetry.

Mental Trauma

Alexandra has been diagnosed with Scotophobia.

Intellectual Characteristics

She demonstrates creativity and artistic sensitivity, when she demonstrates anything other than placidity. She also speaks several different languages

Personality Characteristics


To complete her work.

Personality Quirks

Her voice seems to slide between accents and timbres when she speaks for extended periods of time.


Family Ties

Alexandra has one living relative remaining - her older brother, Grahame.

Wealth & Financial state

Alexandra is one of the heirs to her family fortune. With the death of her older brother, and her suspected culpability in that death, as well as that of her father, the status of the fortune is, at present, uncertain.
Year of Birth
1898 36 Years old
Ice Blue
Flaxen Blonde
108 lbs
Known Languages
At a minimum - English and German. She likely had been tutored in Latin, but her fluency in that, or other languages, is unclear.

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Character Portrait image: by Museum of London (Public Domain)


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