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Yonderverse Fun Facts

Poking your nose where you shouldn't be? Or just happened to stumble across this article? Enjoy some weird and fun facts about the Yonderverse!

Apalians of Cilvarth set fires at funerals.

Apalians believe that fires are a way to communicate with the Gods, as the flames and smoke reach the high skies. Dead bodies at funerals are covered up with a tower of hay, and is set alight. They believe this gives a path for the body's soul to reach the afterlife and live with the Gods. Quite beautiful, if you ask me.

Poop cleaners are an important job in Sarra on Greenerth.

In the hot, dry cities in the country Sarra, Giant Pigeons are a common sight. As one of the most common forms of transport, giant pigeons are light-weight and can carry large amounts. The only downside is that they poop large volumes, constantly. Giant Pigeon Poop Scoopers are a disgustingly common profession.

The planet Dave has 99 moons!

The planet Dave, in the AO5 System, is orbited by 99 moons. Each moon is home to different life forms - some giant, some tiny.

The word "alien" is considered an insult.

Never call someone from another planet an alien, as it's deemed a very rude insult. It suggests you have no respect for people of other planets, and that you look down on them.

You can have a zombie as a pet.

Zombies are a a common pet on Zyphidis, one of fifty moons orbiting planet Amphibis. You may have to sign your life away on a waiver when getting a pet zombie, but generally speaking it is one of the safer pets these people offer.

The people of Amphibis can completely alter their anatomies in the blink of an eye.

The people that call Amphibis appear as a blend of toads, salamanders, and geckos. They have the ability to change the shape, size, and colour, of their scales, their physical shape, grow new legs and arms, split their bodies into two if they really like, all in a few seconds.

Quemarans boil themselves alive!

As a last sign of strength and endurance, quemarans boil themselves alive in their last moments. This practice has only become more popular in recent years, with every small town and village having at least one end of life sauna.


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