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T'krowerai: Unterritory

Header image is public domain, obtained from the CIA World Factbook


A mountain range starts in the southwest corner of the island-continent. It continues along the western rim before turning back towards the center. A river stemming from the central tip of the mountain range flows northeastward to the opposite corner of the continent. This divides Unterritory into two parts: a northern partition and a southern partition. The northern partition is densely populated by evergreen forestry. It is to date the least well explored area in all of Wouraiya, and many tribes have entered without ever returning to civilization. The southern portion has a lesser but still great amount of trees. Along the coastline is a series of meadow strips, upon which rest the majority of human settlements.

Fauna & Flora

Northern Unterritory shares the climate of Retrougo, so many of Retrougo's plant seeds and avian species migrate southward and thrive in Unterritory. They mix with Unterritory's native flora and fauna, ensuring a strong balance of resources in the process. Completely different species lie across the mountain range, with a wide variety of more temperate options. Dozens of major species and thousands of minor species lie undiscovered in the immediate area surrounding the mountain range, which is itself covered with species suited to a completely new biome. Unterritory is surrounded by continents, and the colonizers from each continent have brought their own flora and fauna, making Unterritory a sampler of all of Wouraiya.


Unterritory is mythically established for hosting many settlements of the If-Saints. Teklo and Pokalle (representing the First and Second Truths) both led large gatherings of people to explore their visions of how the world should be, well before the first large-scale national expeditions. Both champions, and their tens of thousands of followers, met tragic ends there.   Tuhra was the first island nation to establish colonies in Unterritory. The meadows of Unterritory's southern shore were perfect for farming settlements. Because Unterritory's south and Tuhra's north share a long strait and thus the same supply of fish, Unterritory settlers focused heavily into agriculture to develop a symbiosis with Tuhra's fishing villages.   Tuhra's success brought on admirers and copiers. The Keyrit Order established settlements along the western coastline of Unterritory, but the close proximity of mountains gave the colonies too little to work with. The colonies remained but could never grow into anything nearly as substantial as their southern neighbors. Retrougo's many chiefdoms moved to colonize the northern portion, but the settlers were never heard from again. Gyukur's nomadic desert culture made them ill-suited for crossing oceans, so it was left to the Keyrit Order centuries after the development of the south to colonize the west. The west became a good source of peat for the industrial facilities of the then-conquered Tuhra.

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