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Yat'kro: Pokalle's Peril

Header image is public domain, obtained from the CIA World Factbook


The site was established in the general area where Pokalle Wotrik starved his following and where Teklo Tengwelai left his city to ruin. Keyrit wanted to engage in trade to the east, and the only ports in Unterritory at the time were loyal to the Tuhran Empire. Thus, a fleet of five ships, filled to the brim with colonists and supplies, set out across the sea, landing on Unterritory's western shore.   The voyagers quickly found that there was only space on the soil between the mountains and the sea for either housing or farming, and the soil there was identified as very poor. The colonists began making their own farms, dismantling the wood in their ships to create temporary houses on the sand. After a year, however, it became very clear that the produced crop could not keep the colonists alive. In fact, it could barely hold them out for a few days, and the supplies they brought with them were only meant to last until the harvest they collected. The only viable food source was fish, but there was not enough equipment for a fishing economy.   Thus, the single ship left intact was sent back to Keyrit to fetch supplies and fishing gear. The colonists rationed heavily, and most began to starve. A few died of starvation. The survivors began to practice cannibalism. By the time the ship returned, only half of the survivors remained. The fish was rationed, and it still took months for the cannibalism to become less than mandatory. Fishing had to be done in expeditions, and the fishing boats often took weeks to get a worthwhile haul. However, the actions of the shipmates ultimately saved the town. The colony never produced enough to be worth its while, nor built enough infrastructure to maintain a large trading outpost, but it became the largest standing colony on its side of Unterritory.


Steep, almost cliff-like mountains slope down into the sea. A small bar of unsalted sediment overlooks a larger bar of sand, which then looks over the sea. From the highest points in the city, the tallest mountaintops of Keyrit can be seen on the horizon.
Alternative Name(s)
Teklo's Troubles, Nowhest
240 (Metropolitan Area: 2700)
Inhabitant Demonym
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