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Rugre: Remnant Inn

Header image is public domain, obtained from the CIA World Factbook

Purpose / Function

The inner room of the government building was designed for Teklo to make decisions regarding the colony, and to proclaim them to the people. The surrounding rooms were his office and the offices of his subordinates.


The government building for the first two floors is a series of smaller rooms centered around a larger, two-story room. Smaller, more temporary walls and floors were brought in to create two floors' worth of smaller rooms, about the size of the satellite edifices. The basement underneath was converted into a cellar, and steps were made to prevent the room from getting damp. It became the driest place on the coastline, and a perfect place to dry those who had fallen overboard.


The foundation, and the bottom half of the first floor's wall, is made of stone and plaster. The building continues upward for the rest of the ground floor and an additional two stories via wood, painted over with airtight pigment.


From the Rugre, Teklo Tengwelai intended to govern the settlement of his creation. He gathered his following and constructed a beautiful structure of patterned stones and fine, old wood. It would last for generations, a testament to a life without justice.   Teklo's Rugre outlasted Teklo's colony. The other houses fell into disrepair, either from saltwater erosion or from a lack of foundation. However, the surrounding sea was teeming with fish, so the location still remained valuable. When fishermen from Yat'kro sailed to that area of Unterritory, they found the Rugre untouched. The relatively small ships that transported them were always a pain to sleep in, so the colonists set up camp there. Over the years, as fishing cycles brought new fish and new fishermen, the Rugre was improved to housing more adventurers, accommodating for their privacy, food, and water. By the time fish left the area for other waters, the Rugre had remained in pristine condition. The Rugre would last for an additional century before wood rot would render the building uninhabitable.

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