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Pokalle Wotrik: Second Truth's Champion

Friend Pokalle Wotrik

Pokalle Wotrik started a culture of literal movement, where lonely and tired people from backwater villages band together in their fight against mutual isolation. His admirers would become a thorn in the backside of many but would bring hope to thousands.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Legend says that Pokalle was born while his father was away on a hunting trip. His mother died in childbirth, and his midwife fatally hit her head on a rock moments later. He was alone for days, perhaps weeks before the father returned to see his son. Even then, the loose collection of families that one might call a community spanned the entire eastern side of the small continent. Pokalle was raised with only his father to keep him company. Legends also say that the second truth was independently revealed to him from on high. Regardless of whether it was, Pokalle declared that, through his solitude, he developed a personal connection with the Yet Unknown.


When he came of age, he moved off his island to find his fortune. Him being poor and unaware of the larger world, his radical idea of adventure was to move to the fishing village. It seemed to him the grandest town, and he soon physically embraced his fellow neighbors. The townsfolk found him strange, and he was ostracized again, this time not by circumstances but by people. No matter. He moved into the countryside, making friends with the much more welcoming farmers. He learned about the life of the rural, how to plant crops, how to pass time, and how to make light talk.


He didn't know how to make friends, and in fact he didn't, but his charisma was such that people clung to him like static. He became acquaintances with ten, then a hundred, then a thousand individuals. They were eager to provide him with food and shelter, and he was always grateful. One by one, ten by ten, particularly lonely people abandoned their farms and their homes and began to follow Pokalle around on his travels. Pokalle moved across continents, seeing wondrous sights, but his most beautiful experiences were always with people.

Accomplishments & Achievements

By the time of his death, the number of people traveling with him numbered over ten thousand. He reached five different island-continents. The group that followed him was jokingly called "Pokalle's Posse," and it was described by the Wlitowan king at the time as, "an army of fools: too docile to attack, too large to entertain." Even after his death, successor bands of wanderers would rise up, creating an entire nomad culture that would bug administrators for centuries.

Failures & Embarrassments

Pokalle Wotrik died in Unterritory, surrounded by tens of thousands of followers. While Pokalle's Posse would usually gather from the fields as they passed, there was no such infrastructure in Unterritory. Pokalle had no leadership or management skills; he only had an unnatural ability to make acquaintances. The ships that the Posse had taken to get to Unterritory were long gone. The Posse moved into the small colonies gathered along the coastline of Unterritory, sapping them of resources and dragging all civilization in the area into ruin, starvation, and extinction. It would be centuries before the local region would see human towns again.
5 KTG 81 KTG 76 years old
Aligned Organization
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