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Iorrai: Ancient Pets

The werai empires collapsed with sparingly few records. What little was left of architecture and writing was gobbled up by massive forests, making traversal an almost impossible task, let alone exploration. Much of the information about the werai empires is lost to even the natives of the area. Werai back in the day might have thought that it would always be common knowledge that they had pets, but this was only a very recent discovery from an Ugo-yt expedition.

Basic Information

Biological Traits

Ancient pictures of the iorrai show concave-outward parabolic cones for heads. The cone reflects light into their eyes in the back of their heads, and acts as a soundboard for hearing elements in front of them. They have six legs, and appear to have a very similar diet (or lack thereof) to that of the werai. There seem to have been different types and shapes of iorrai, suggesting breeds based on region and lifestyle. The sparingly few iorrai that have been found in the wild have almost no visible biological diversity. Their legs are stocky and muscular, and they travel much closer to the ground than their ancestors.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Conservation Status
Iorrai were domesticated by werai from the wild. They were taught to receive all nutrients (outside of solar energy) from their newfound masters. The difference in lifestyle weighed so heavily in favor of domestication that wild iorrai were eradicated from the continent. When civilization collapsed in Unterritory, the werai fended for themselves, abandoning their pets en masse. Archaeologists once believed that this led to the extermination of the iorrai species. However, spottings of iorrai in the wild prove that at least some of the species, perhaps of a specific breed, were able to relearn their feral nature just in time to keep themselves from starvation.
Geographic Distribution

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