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Vika Arwoyi: Harmony's Bane

Purpose / Function

While they have operatives on every known continent, the Harmony Hunters make it a point not to be dependent on any nation in Wouraiya. For this very reason, there were no headquarters, only higher-ups and general locations where they would be. However, because the higher-ups tended to keep their intentions to themselves, there was no reliable way to predict where, or even if, they would appear. The Harmony Hunters would need something solid upon which they could depend upon, a place to go if local issues collapsed in on local branches.


The structure is symmetric across the plain that is the ground. It was at the time the tallest independent structure in the world, though not visible from most of the rest of the world due to the even taller mountains that surround it. Given the thin crust in the area, it is wondered how the structure could possibly delve that deeply underground without hitting a well of lava, causing the entire area to crack into a new fault or volcano. Many say that magic was involved, but there is no evidence to support that claim save for the monumental task that excavation must have required. Harmony's Bane has several dozen stories, and each of them has a supervisor and specific allocation.   The base of Harmony's Bane is perfectly hexagonal, and the walls inside make up an equilateral triangle on one side and a square on the other. The hexagon shrinks up until halfway up the structure, where the base is a square, with sides of equal length to those of the base hexagon. Similarly, three-quarters of the way is a triangle.


Because of the desire for autonomy, Wlitowaru'u and Unterritory were the two candidates for island-continents, and on those continents only five locations were good candidates. Wlitowaru'u at that point was property of the Wlitowan king in name only, but colonization efforts shortly after research convinced the Harmony Hunters to decide between the three options in Unterritory.
Alternative Names
Base of a Thousand Secrets
World wonder
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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