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Harmony Hunters

Interpretations of Wouraiya's Seven Truths can often diverge into conflicting ideologies. To a cult in Ugoyt "Justice is a lie" describes a current state of nature, but not an inevitability. Someday, "Wouraiya will be freed" from injustice. Specifically, an omnipotent being, named Harmony, would come down, bring the land's justice, topple the nobility, and instill an era of peace throughout the world, thus fulfilling the Truths.   This notion not only upset powers-that-were but also a number of old guard. To Keyrit conservatives, Keyrit's Truth befits a truism of life, neither good nor ill. The power to enforce one's "justice," ignoring wisdom or love, could irreversibly damage everything, and submit all sapient life to enslavement and torment. "Justice" if instigated by any faction, could send Wouraiya spiraling into darkness. In response, an organization was established, specifically to trap or kill any theoretical being with ultimate power. None challenged them quite like what they envisioned, but they constantly trained quick kill and quick entrapment methods, keeping physically and mentally acute. Their strategies and pursuit pushed modern science's boundaries down through time, soon spilling into politics. At their core, though, they are military. Their passion to keep their homes safe drives them further.

"Wo ovkah tout'krah, tar' taur rohterai ya": The revolution never dies, so neither will the garrison.

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