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Vtaera Adora: Beasts Among Trees

Header image is public domain, obtained from the CIA World Factbook

Basic Information

Growth Rate & Stages

No VA that have been spotted were under two meters. While the general consensus is that VA don't hunt until maturity, some speculate that the stages of growth are not externally visible, and that VA are born tall and mature while hunting. Photos showing limbs linking to slightly different positions on the torso are used as evidence for the latter theory.

Ecology and Habitats

The north of Unterritory is packed with trees, in some places to the point where humans cannot fit through the gap between trees. The limbs of the VA never touch the ground, instead using tree trunks for frictional support to keep it aloft. Researchers thus speculate that the VA inhabit the forest canopy.

Dietary Needs and Habits

There is no evidence that the VA eats or has ever eaten plants. No VA has ever been captured, so, while this cannot be confirmed, most assume that the VA is carnivorous. No large animals from Retrougo, aside from humans, are found in North Unterritory, even among those that could migrate southward. Because nearly all small animal species in Retrougo also inhabit North Unterritory, it is implied that the VA drove those large animal species to extinction in North Unterritory.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Only one VA has been recorded at any given time, at any given place. This implies a solitary lifestyle, but it could be that VA shelters with multiple VAs and only hunts alone. What is known is that, because males and females have been recorded in generally equal amounts, females and males both support the family unit's sustenance.
Conservation Status
Number estimates range from two to thousands. Human and Werai settlements in North Unterritory are scarce to none, and the trees condition the climate such that outside pollutants don't affect the region. As a result, despite small numbers, the VA is alive and well. At least, if the VA does go extinct one day, it won't be the result of sapient interference.
Geographic Distribution

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