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Wells of Eternity


The wells of Eternity have been forgotten for many years. They where heavily researched by Iken "Cobalt Master" Rhineforrel. He researched them during a time of peace and with dealings with the Academy of Thorn'Adan. In this research they found that they where able to fortify the wells liquid essence. However all the great wars of Renstrom have caused the wells to go missing once again. A few wells have been used in druid rituals but the druids haven't been able to answer the cause of how the power is supplied.   It has been rumored that if the shell of a well were damaged the wells power would still be produced in the Continent of Renstrom. The well would mend itself and durring this time it would cause a unstable wild magic increase to that school of associated with the well.   If a vial of pure magic from another Well of Eternity is dropped into a victim well. The victim wells magic gets corrupted and becomes eratic until it is no longer viable to cast magic of that casting type. For example if Necrotic Liquid was dropped into an Evocation well the Transmutation well would start to lose its magic. In theory the only way to restore a victim well back from this chaos state would to have three level three spells or higher of the same school be cast into the well. This would purify the liquid well and balance would be restored.

Historical Basis

In the year 2528, Ryo "Kardun" Nexus uncovered the means of creating a Dracolitch. This mean was different then other rituals as it called for an empowered necrotic essence from the Necromancy Well and 3 other Wells of Eternity. He was successful in corrupting the Conjuration Well, Transmutation Well. He was close to corrupting the Abjuration Well but his necromancer was stopped by the Talons. The Talons with the aid of other adventures sealed the wells away with some wish spells. These wishes were cast by Siberan of Daarden and Garim Vaeliss with the aid of the Talons, Mystra, and the Djinn Lord Vibian and would be performed two wishes. Firstly the Wells would be protected with a guardian: as such a Platinum Dragonborn statue resembling Siberan of Daarden was formed atop each well to protect them from intrusion. Secondly, the wells themselves would be sealed and magical barriers would be set in place to further protect the wells of magic.


The ledgend of these wells was tought only to the Grand Master Wizard Council. Each Grand Master/Mistress Wizard that sit on the council had to make a dedication to protect the location of each well that representated the school of magic they are masters of. This dedication ritual tied the life forces of those various Grand Master/Mistress Wizards to the life of the wells.

In Literature

There are a few books penned by Iken "Cobalt Master" Rhineforrel. The following are stored at the Grand Hall of History located in Mount Roma. These masters of history where able to keep the first editions of all of Iken "Cobalt Master" Rhineforrel's works. There is one book focused on the treasure hunt clues and validation of the clues for the locations of all the wells. Another book references how Iken "Cobalt Master" Rhineforrel and the Dwarves of Rhineforrel managed to contstruct the wells infrastructure.

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