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Namue Isardum

Night Slinger Namue Isardum, The Eldritch

Orphan's Origin

Namue only remembers the tales told to him while in an urchin club roaming the cities of Mount Roma. This band of urchins was lead by a Odo Leafwalker. Namue remembers Odo telling stories of where Namue was found. He recalls the an instance when he found an abandond Half-Elf baby with a note written in blood wrapped around a dagger with four elemental stones.  
Please someone take this cursed child. I couldn't do it!
  Durring this time many citizens of Mount Roma tried to bargin with some eldritch fae creatures. They thought it would be fun to seek out these Hags and pull fast ones and try to out wit the fae deals. However, Namue's birth parents weren't so lucky. The hag cursed Namue's mother to give birth to Namue while experencing pain thoughout the pregnancy of all the elements. The hag also cursed Namue's father with a flesh eating disease that ended his life prior to Namue's birth. When his mother gave birth to him, she was alone and scared. She also gave birth to numberous elemental shard crystals. Scared of her now new born baby she attempted to do the unthinkable but couldn't follow though so she abandond him. Namue after hearing Odo's retelling of how he was found, put his hand in his pocket and felt the elmental shards.  

Orphan Becomes the Apprentice

Namue has always wondered why the elemental shards where so important to him. So one day he ditched the urchins and those he called friends and sought out answers. He wanted to know of this hag and how curses work. In his attempts to discover the truth he got on a boat that was heading to the Isle of Thorn'Adan. Here he started down his darker path in life. He started training under Ryo "Kardun" Nexus and studied necromancy. Ryo "Kardun" Nexus has such an incling of necromancy that he shared a secret with Namue. The location of the Necromancy Well of the mythical Wells of Eternity.  

Apprentice becomes the Betrayed

Namue ever since birth being a social outcast did it to himself this time. He would spend weeks and months studing the Necromancy Well and reported it back to Ryo "Kardun" Nexus. In some of his discoveries he found that he could bring life to these dead elemental cores. He created death elementals that favored the forms of mephits. Once Ryo "Kardun" Nexus found out about this it scared him. Ryo "Kardun" Nexus started to get more paranoid around Namue. When his own apprentice Namue gave him a warning of betrayal from Zefaris, he thought it was Namue that betrayed him. In quick work and at the climax of the Arcaninum Skirmish the Lich Kardun was born and banished his beloved apprentice to live the next 30 some years in isolation in a random plane of existance.  

The return of Namue Isardum, The Eldritch

Namue was a simple apprentice he didn't mean any harm just wanted to learn. That changed when he was banished by his mentor and beloved teacher. Unbenouced to the Lich Kardun Namue wasn't able to countersepll but was able to counteralter the banishment spell. He turned it into a planeshift spell and first traveled to a place of intense chaos. The elemental plane of chaos. Instead of being bombarded by every element and being torn apart like some other souls in the plane. Namue was able to control the elements as long as his shards where active. While in his banishment he focused more on seeking revenge on those that betrayed him. Not only those that betrayed him but those that didn't belive in him. He will come again and reign with eldritch elemental chaos. That day has arived and in an intense heat Namue ripped him from plane of elemental chaos and and out though a weakening vale betwen the material plane and elemental plane offire. Some members and former associates of the Cult of Mystra's Folly wished for his return. However, in a seeking revenge way he killed the followers with a flick of his wrist and raised some of his undead elementals and set the forest he was in ablaze.
Chaotic Evil
Current Status
Alive and causing chaos on the Continent of Renstrom
Current Location
Date of Birth
8th of Jade, 2486
Year of Birth
2486 156 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Unwanted due to a potential Hag's Curse.
Parents (Adopting)
light blue
short black hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale White
5' 10"
Aligned Organization

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Character Portrait image: Namue Isardum the Eldritch no mask by Nodus Astra


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