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Dotan Depairyo

Appointed Knighthood Depairyo Zungodarin (a.k.a. The Laughing Captain)

The dashing rogue of the Extinct Expanse , Captain of the Uriheha , scourge of the Imperial Royal Navy
Dotan Depairyo, the disgraced Knight and distinguished Captain, earned his position as a competent sailor and military mind. His later years would see him develop into an excellent negotiator and devout follower of the sea.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Depairyo was born to the Higher Noble Houses family Zungodarin of Mesamoor . His father was a renown commander of the Imperial Royal Navy and was following in the footsteps of his father before him, who had earned the Appointed Knighthood during a battle against a growing pirate threat. His mother was Lesser Noble Houses who had offered a large dowry for the increase in status, their lands were also located along the coast on the main continent and offered a potential to create a Trade hub. 
When Depairyo was a boy he found himself around the drydocks and harbors of Mesamoor , aiding the workers and sailors when given the chance. His position as Nobility offered him easier access to the education of the area and he graduated from the Academy shortly before his fourteenth year, though his dedications had not been to the Arcane or Military. Instead his efforts were focused on completing the requirements for the Scholars path and departed for service in the Imperial Royal Navy at 15. 
Through his time in the Academy, Depairyo formed friendships with a number of other Noble children in attendance at the Academy. He was able to use these connections later in his career to secure a position at the head of a Fleet, unfortunately this also required him to attended the academy again for further studies. Once completed and approved, Depairyo returned to lead his fleet and worked with the Command to rout the pirates in the surrounding waters of Jasperroth. Occasionally he would be requested by his mother to ferry her and a number of items across the Equinswade towards their families lands. Over the years this would lead to the creation of a widely successful Port City under her families control. 
Shortly after turning 24 and having received the honor of Appointed Knighthood for his participation in a large raid earlier that year, Depairyo was sent to retrieve a local warlord from her makeshift keep along the coast. The warlord, Zusea of the Free Coast was woefully unprepared for the surprise raid Depairyo had planned. Depairyo was woefully unprepared for the surprise raid his mother had planned. Her attempted assassination of her son was successful in that it routed his fleet and splintered those dared remain, but failed in actually finishing the job. 
Wounded, clinging to life, and carrying a prisoner whose knowledge was the only hope of survival, Depairyo made the decision to free his captive and accept her offered aid. Zusea of the Free Coast aided him in escaping from the assassins blockade and delivered him to a safe location outside the Imperial Control. There she offered him a job, work alongside the Pirates of the Free Coasts  and sail for them or return to his life and face the assassination plans of his mother. Depairyo chose the former. 
For 20 years Depairyo worked alongside Zusea of the Free Coast to assault the Imperial Royal Navy and the Empires merchant ships. He earned the nickname of "The laughing Captain", as it was said that after each raid he could be heard laughing so loud that it would frighten away the possible reinforcements.


Academy education for the Academy of Mesamoor, as well as a following learning in the Knight Offer path.


Formerly of a Fleet Commander of the Imperial Royal Navy , Later a Fleet Commander for the Pirates of the Free Coasts .
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Date of Birth
14th of Lesome, 143 I.C.
Date of Death
1st of Udvik, 193 I.C.
140 I.C. 193 I.C. 53 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born of as a child of an arranged second marriage.
Circumstances of Death
Leading a fleet of pirates agains the Imperial Royal Navy
Zungodarin of Mesamoor
Bright Orange, wide
Short, wavy, Black feathers
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark Skin with spots of white in clumps around the arms and legs


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