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One of the five tribes that ventured out from the desert and made their way North. Two of the five traversed the waters that would later be called the Equinswade, to eventually establish the Capital of Bismuthforge. The Language of Gehen derives its name from the peoples and was a result of the eventual merging of generalized languages of the associated groups.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Bigyu, Sepin, Inyonbe, Sogyan, Kuhyan, Biyun

Masculine names

Zatean, Ubau, Gununu, Kepen, Sonbin

Unisex names

Guhyu, Pokena, Ikan, Waguhyu, Kesu

Family names

Ean, Hin, Hikanu, Zananoninu, Gununu, Takinada


Major language groups and dialects


Art & Architecture

Architecture: The general Architecture of the Gehenian peoples was far more brutal and simplistic. Few buildings contained anything more than small windows and were typically designed to be well defended. This was later changed to a more unified design structure during the reign of the third King of the Empire of Five Kings.   Art: Few pieces of Art were made that accurately describe or show the early days of the Gehen peoples. Most show their eventual rise as a military power and agricultural giant.

Major organizations

The Holy Triumvirate,
Parent ethnicities
Languages spoken


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