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Zusea of the Free Coast

Queen Zusea Afreia (created later) (a.k.a. The Woman with a Thousand Eyes.)

Its unknown exactly how many lives were lost at the hands of Zusea, but the numbers predicted place them well above the singular thousand. She was never alone in her endeavors, and yet her role in them elevates her actions to nearly mythos. Wrecker of a hundred fleets, Queen of the Pirates, and cunning military strategist, Zusea was a force to be reckoned with.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Early in her years, Zusea found a love for her common fellow. She grew up in the harsh sewer dredges of Midport and only managed to claw her way out by slitting a fair number of throats. Her idea of freedom was being able to chose ones bed and meal for the day, and she would fight every day to see that idea become reality. 
 She gained her first chance at a change by sneaking aboard a Merchant vessel and stowing away. She managed to avoid detection for over a week, but the confined spaces of the ship were worse than the suffocating buildings of her former home. She had prepared herself for the worst and was ready to end the life of any who would try, but instead she was commended for her efforts. The captain, a portly member of The Vardan and bearing the appearance of someone from the Kingdom of Bonsu , "adopted" Zusea and took her in. 
 The Captain, as Zusea would later find out, had a wife who had been complaining of her desire for a child and berating him for some time over his constant departures. His work and position of merchant required a constant flow of goods to be traded under his title, and until he could raise himself to the rank of the Lesser Noble Houses he would have to dedicate himself to it. His thought was that Zusea, young and "in desperate need of a proper female model", would be a sufficient compromise. Zusea was smart and kind, and though she shared no similarities to his Chitinous body or his wife's sharper features, she could be every bit a member of the family. 
 Confused and cautious, Zusea joined the Captains wife in their home and began to work alongside her. Slowly the two began to form a bond, as it was revealed both has something of a warriors spirit. Their safety in a city, no matter how small it was, gave them little chance to fight but offered them plenty of chances to hunt. The work of the Merchant Captain and the hunting duo created a rumor of an incredible family of brilliance and strength, and soon after the family would be raised to their dreamed status. 
 Years among the lesser nobility began to tire Zusea and her frustrations at the limits of her contained city grew daily until neither could be handled any further. She approached her parents, as she had conceded their titles after so long supporting each other, and gave her reasons. They were saddened but wholly understood their daughters decision, they had done their best to retain the fiery drive that had granted Zusea the chances she taken all her life. With approval from her family and their financial assistance, she attended the local academy and graduated as a scholar. Using the money she had saved from her years of working alongside her adoptive mother, and a fair bit of charisma, she secured herself a vessel and crew.
 The years following her departure were filled with a progression of attacks against the worst of the Imperial Royal Navy , and eventually led to her decisive formation of the Pirates of the Free Coasts . She used her connections within the Empire and her understanding of their strategies to ambush and raid the most dangerous Fleet Commanders sailing the waters. She recruited like minded people to her cause and provided them wish ships until she had amassed a small fleet. 
 During a particularly dangerous journey, one where she had to actually secure and reinforce an abandoned naval keep to recover from injuries, she was attacked by Dotan Depairyo . Their encounters reignited her desire for a more pure freedom and safer country to call home. From that point forward Zusea worked to secure allegiances from coastal City-states and free peoples.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Zusea earned her nickname after she had coerced and romanced her way through a number Commanders and Nobles to subvert an assault on her well fortified Capital. Her plan was so successful that the individuals involved had no idea of her plotting's and schemes until their fleets were sinking by their own ships. 
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Date of Birth
23rd of Nasnovel 100 I.C.
Date of Death
5th of Udvik, 181 I.C.
100 I.C. 181 I.C. 81 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Child of a prostitute and a harbored sailor
Circumstances of Death
Old Age
Dark green, wide
Long, straight, Light brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Tanned pale with splotches of tiny red dots


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