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Formerly the Capital city of the Niruken Kingdom, Mesamoor turned it loss of the Royalty into an upswing of naval production. With the Island of the Niruken and Gehenian being only a Bay apart, it was decided that the best way to expand was to create a naval power strong enough to fight any challenge that could come.


The city houses citzens from all across the Empire now, with a larger portion of Marda living in higher conditions further away from the drydocks. Several districts dedicated to a number of specialties have turned the need for a mixture of strength and wits.


The Nobile Council helps in containing the constant amount of people going by and through the city daily, with the Arcane Consortium and the local Academy lending their aid regularly. The Pere and a local regiment of guards keep the city safe of dark creatures and protect the roads.


A single regiment of Professional soldiers and Sunbeuru suppliments man a pair of high walls, leading out into the waters to protect the docks and shipyards waters. Ballistae line the walls every few dozen yards, while the sections above the water also contaioned a second lower floor with even more.

Industry & Trade

Mesamoor has a booming shipping and ship producing industries. The majority of the Empires navy have made their maiden journey from the shallow bays of Mesamoor. The local Academy does its best to offer speacializatoins in the Naval field, though experience often proves more reliable.


The city contains working sewers, aquaducts, and a number of luxuries that any city should offer. The reasons for its growth is dedicated to the massive shipyards and drydocks that the former capital of the Niruken Kingdom had left behind. Once the decison was made to turn the now defunct capital into a trade hub was hardly difficult, its position across from the Oberdan Rivers mouth gives it the perfect path to the main continent through the canals.
Founding Date
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The Glistening Seaside Jewel
Large city
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