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One of the five tribes that ventured out from the desert and made their way North. The second of two tribes that made their way across the Equinswade and formed the port capital of Mesamoor, before eventaully being driven further from the shore to create Jasperroth. Mesamoor was later turned into a large staging port for its eventual placement as an Imperial Shipyard.


Major language groups and dialects


Art & Architecture

Architecture: The early and middle generational designs for homes were always cognitive of their placements so close and along water. Most towns, villages, and eventaully cities were all founded and made along the maind bodies of water avaialable. Their homes were made to accomadate the weather of the tides and featured heavy usage of the surrounding waters.

Art: Pre-Empire Art largely shows the traditional lives of villagers going about daily lives. Fishing, hunting, smithing, sailing, praying, and forms of love were all typically displayed prominately on most pieces. Their eventual rise as the providers of the Empires Navy was only the result of neccessity forcibly filled by a King. Before the Empires need of a navy, sailing was far less popular and was instead replaced with miners or fishers.


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