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City of White Reach

The largest single city on White Reach, it bears the name of the planet itself as it was the only settlement in the early days of colonization and it never changed. There are thirteen Districts or Wards in the city limits, these divisions amounting to essentially smaller cities gathered together under one whole.  

The Wards of White Reach

First Ward: The Government Center, where most of the planetary government has offices and meeting locations. The Common Senate Chambers and High Senate Chambers are located here, as well as the Senate Guard and the Militia Command.   Second Ward: Second Ward is middle-class, containing the Starport and associated buildings. There is a large amount of space devoted to this, making it possible for almost a dozen DropShips to be serviced for private citizens, travel organizations, or military purposes.   Third Ward: One of the residential sprawls outside of the heart of the city, most of the Third Ward is mostly one-story buildings spread out quite a distance.   Fourth Ward: The "Industrial District" is a location devoted to manufacturing plants for Whitfield Electronics, and Castellan Corporate Recycling. Outside of those facilities, the area is mostly low-cost housing outside of it.   Fifth Ward: Informally known as "The Commercial District" this place is actually dominated by a couple entertainment and shopping complexes which rise above ground and underground, able to handle a large volume of residents at the same time.   Sixth Ward: The Sixth Ward is mostly storage yards for deep storage, and middle-class housing. The largest of the storage yards is 'Seagull's Nest', who handle a lot of very secretive storage vaults.   Seventh Ward: "North District", a small slice of city bordering an equatorial dry plains, the area just outside city limits is partly devoted to ranches and slaughterhouses.   Eighth Ward: The Eighth Ward is where the militia impound is situated, and by extension the militia training base. Notably, the fields here are more for conventional atmospheric fighters and DropShips, lacking the means of handling more than a small DropShip.   Ninth Ward: The "Central District" is full of dense and tall residential complexes, the heart of the city's population. For this reason it's regarded as a fairly cramped area to live in, but access to everything in the capitol is easy from this location.   Tenth Ward: Eastern edge of the city, the Tenth Ward is a place largely populated by expatriates from the Rasalhague Military District who had left the Draconis Combine in the past. As such, the area tends to be viewed as a seedy place, but it's remarkably stable and safe. So long as you understand the locals handle local matters, with less visibility and fuss outwardly.   Eleventh Ward: Informally known as the Harbor District, most of the Eleventh Ward is dominated by docks and warehouses. In addition to this, there are many places devoted to storing goods meant to be distributed across the planet.   Twelfth Ward: A wealthy set of estates which are on the northeastern outskirts of the sprawl, there are larger parcels of land per residence here, or dense gatherings of people associated with the same organization or family.   Thirteenth Ward: The newest district division, the "Unlucky District" is less than a hundred years old and is largely formed from refugees who had come from other planets during the Third Succession War. When the planet was invaded and seized in 2951, the area was in use as a staging area for resistance groups. As such there's a great deal of hidden tunnels and small weapons caches dotted around here. Even eighty years later, some of them are turning up.


The planetary government is divided into two distinct bodies; the Common Senate and the High Senate. Despite their position as those ostensibly in control of the world, the city itself is governed by the City Committee. This is composed of twelve members of the Common Senate, whose districts include the recognized area of the city, and one High Senator whose task is to oversee concerns which spread beyond district boundaries. The twelve wards thus each are governed loosely by a Common Senator and officials assigned by them, with distinct and separate public-service departments as needed.


In 2340, settlers landed on Phalan within the Federation of Skye after terraforming efforts were deemed "finished" by Star League officials. Almost immediately it was clear that "finished" was optimistic and most of the settling population clung to one of the larger continents within a city called White Reach. It took a whole generation before they could realistically exploit potential arable land on the continent, and surveys began discovering useful ores under the surface on another continent.

By 2450, Donomo District had managed to grow to sustain the population and expansions were planned onto the nearby continent. A few off-world industries had taken notice of untapped mineral wealth on the planet and began to bid for the right to exploit them. The fledgling government under Baroness Jacqueline d'Wall managed to secure more fair arbitration with the companies and secured the backing of Archon Alistair Steiner to guide development of the world. This was more a pragmatic decision than a serious endorsement, since it gave a willing and loyal subordinate authority and allowed the resources to be used for his own then-secret projects.

After the fall of the Star League in 2780, the city of White Reach had subsumed the normal system designation as the way it was known locally. Baroness Constance Wallings was ruler of the planet and managed to institute policies which kept White Reach out of the constant fighting of the early Succession Wars; this turned out to be a very good thing, as there was indiscriminate application of biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons set loose on military and strategic targets. One of those policies remained until 2943 which kept the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces from leaving more than a token garrison on the planet to avoid becoming a valid target for attacks. When the 21st Skye Rangers used Albreight Base as a location to recover and repair, the Draconis Combine seized the planet in a quick action in 2951 only to be forced off the planet in 2952 due to a lack of secure foothold on the planet. In the aftermath, the planetary government changed into a more representative democracy and the Baroness became a figurehead whose duty became to report back to the Duke of Skye about developments on the planet when it was necessary.

Since the recovery of the planet and the formation of the new government, White Reach as a city has solidified itself as the center of the planet's culture and populace. Over sixty percent of the population of the planet exist inside the city's twelve wards, and the urban sprawl covers a large portion of the Pelea Continent lands south of the equatorial belt.
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