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SummerCamp Reading 2023

This is a WIP
There will be content here in the future. This article was created as a placeholder and referenced in another. While there is nothing here at the moment, there will be content eventually. <3
I’ve participated in a couple of these things now – having floated around WA for a handful of years – but I think this one was the easiest for me. Not the fastest, mind, and there was still work involved in getting the articles done, but the words and ideas came easier. Vnou is not an old world, not by any stretch, but I love it as much as many other things I’ve made. I intend to do more writings here and I think the summer camp helped set more of the stage for that to be possible.
Generic article | Aug 2, 2023

Prompt 1

A historical figure still venerated today, and why

I will forever and always be a sucker for characters, so naturally I gravitated toward the character prompts. Zostas has that personality type that draws me – it also helps that he seems to have a fun relationship with Qisp. Add on top of all that, he’s a Shiften, and I’m wondering why I don’t have a book of this dude to read right now… I like unpleasant fellows. >:3

Confident and unstable? Pretty sure that’s two of the necessary traits for me to adore a character. I’d vote for him. And he likes cooking? Gardening? It’s made all the better that his idea of revenge on the monsters was cooking and eating them. Man after my own heart. He might’ve lost his family but I’d have been his best… friend? Admirer? Stalker? Pick one.

There’s something to be said about a character, or historical figure, that even in defeat they are remembered – but not the one who defeated them. That is a tier of notoriety or a hefty legacy that cannot be denied. All the more bittersweet that the sword Ithracian had would extinguish once in new hands. It’s a sad end for a would-be legend, both sword and man, but everything has to come to an end, eh? Still appreciate that a dwarven family’s claim to fame is knowing about the blade, but their name is still not mentioned. Just the sword and Ithracian. Shows who was really important.

Prompt 2

A character who excels in manipulating others

Be still my blackened, evil heart. A performer, scribe, storyteller, and a musician? And nobility? Is it really manipulation if you just wanna do whatever the guy says anyway? Doesn’t matter that he’s an emotionally unavailable ice prince. That doesn’t deter me in the slightest!   On a more serious, less crazy note, I really do like these sort of ‘excels at so much’ characters. They’re the ones I love writing with and reading things about. Dunno what it is, but it’s my jam.
Cool, calculating, and sharp are words I love to see when describing a character. I also happen to agree with Lord Sterann in that I think most people are driven by self-interest, though I am not so pessimistic as to think everyone is going to betray or disappoint me. But I get where the dude is coming from. I appreciate the introspection though. If he’s capable of doing these things to people, then obvious people are capable of doing them to him. Or at least one should guard against it. All in all, he’s a guy I’d love to hang out with. Not that he’d hang out with me.
Gotta love a man of mystery. Or in this case, vampyr. I like the intrigue and questions that surround his actions and his family – by default, I’m always on the side of the estranged one, the one that flirts with the lines. Manipulation, bribery, and mind control doesn’t do much to dissuade me in my loyalties. This is the sort of character I’d want to read more about – what set him apart from his family and how goes his life at the Crossroads Inn?

Prompt 3

A character who prefers to lurk in the shadows

Assassin characters are easy for me to like. Give them some draconic bloodline or features and that’s more so. I like the secrecy regarding his history, though that only prompts me to then ask… Who be his parents? What is the truth? It feels like a good set up for a story of intrigue and shadowy murder. It’s these top tier characters whose history I become curious about. What were they like getting to the point they are now? What shaped them into the amazing thing they are? I think that’s why I like them so much – all the juicy questions that come with the already amazing package.
This feels like an epic character. Like I’m getting a glimpse into the after of someone’s life – someone who has seen all of the things and done so much. I like characters that have city miles. Especially of the epic variety. It begs the question what now? It also alludes to so much that I’ve obviously missed of this character’s life that I’m like where do I find these stories??? He seemed such a small soul for things to start out, and then they kicked off and things went bananas. Trying to fathom a character who now experiences things on a cosmic scale, preserving the balance of the universe… Whoa.
I like the mystery and mythos in the snippet presented with the Crow. It has a really unique voice that makes it entertaining to read while still getting across the power, but uncertainty, surrounding the Crow. Which I can totally get behind. I’d definitely be one of those ruining everything by trying to study said entity, in whatever way possible. Drawn to the allure of the indescribable! Lovely article for a lovely… character?

World Building Going Forward

I always feel like I make lofty goals that go nowhere, but then something like the SummerCamp or NaNo rolls around and I’m able to pull together some semblance of a plan and get things done. Setting myself up with a project, a deadline, and a clean plan of attack seems to be the best route for me. Now, I just need to figure out what that plan is going to be. Ultimately, all of this is for the creation of a story. Or stories. I peppered a lot of little prose bits in the various articles and that’s something I really enjoy. I might step back into my Monster Stories, since that’s where I was before Vnou, or I’ll linger around here because Vnou is comfortable and I love it. Either way, I think I’m going to try and set myself up to do a series of short stories or something akin to it.

This SummerCamp has been a joy in working with Midjourney AI, though. I wasn’t sure how well I would like it, but the pictures have been great with inspiration and helping me visualize the world that I’m creating. Definitely worth the time I’ve put into it. Couldn’t recommend it more.

I do want to try and remain active on WA. I joined a Chapter full of lovely people, who I hope will keep me kicked into a gear of sorts, and I genuinely enjoy interacting and reading things on the site. I just fall into the trap of getting discouraged now and then.  

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