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The Crow

The Crow is an entity of supposedly immeasurable power who lurks in the shadows of Nys and the Kanvæ, helping the Cosmos Wayfarers and the Nysian countries in their fight against the Abyss.  

A new Prontuary for Wayfarers

In this section you are going to read about our best ally: the Crow. They are the most powerful entity you will ever encounter on your journeys.   Let us take care of one thing immediately: they are not a person, in any recognizable sense; sure they resemble one, but they are definetely not. They take on different appearances however they see fit: a proud soldier, an old woman, various animals, we can't even imagine what else. While we do not know what their true form is like, or even whether they have one defined form, we are reasonably sure they are not a shape-shifter demon: when one is in their vicinity, detecting and analyzing their aura is quite easy.   So what's their deal? Well, we don't know. They hate the Abyss as much as we do, maybe even more. They have a goal because who doesn't, but we don't know what that is, beside that it aligns nicely with ours. What we know is that they help us fighting by granting us blessings, amulets and, more rarely, indications.   How strong are they actually? More than you, more than me, more than Damparo, more than Canopus and possibly more than the Moon Goddess. I hope that answers this question for good.   But then, if they're so powerful, why do they help us? Why don't they just fight against the Abyss alone? By our estimates of their power, we are quite sure they could have ended the Abyssal Crisis single handedly in a month or two (for those who've joined since, the crisis war was between 50 and 100 years long, depending on how you count). Again, we have no good answer for this. We have guesses, a lot of different ones, but no definite answer. And since we're talking about things we don't know, let me introduce the last question about the Crow. Who are they? Or if you prefer, what are they?   The most conservative among us claim they are were once a man, like Damparo was, but much more powerful, a man who learned how to harness the core power of magic, modifying their own ontological essence. Those who believe this to be true argue that they cannot fight the Abyss exactly for the same reason Damparo can't: an advanced form of Demonic Taint.   Less conservative are those who think the Crow is the avatar of a primeval entity, bent on the Abyss destruction. They wouldn't be able to fight the Abyss because they are not real, but a projection, an image.   As you can see, we have no answers to question you didn't even know existed. Hopefully you will be able to form your own opinion on the matter. Most importantly, you must remember: the Crow is not very well known on Nys; please, keep your secrets.
— Bheratal

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Aug 3, 2023 06:02

I picked this for my summer reading <3   I like the mystery and mythos in the snippet presented with the Crow. It has a really unique voice that makes it entertaining to read while still getting across the power, but uncertainty, surrounding the Crow. Which I can totally get behind. I’d definitely be one of those ruining everything by trying to study said entity, in whatever way possible. Drawn to the allure of the indescribable! Lovely article for a lovely… character?

What would an ocean be without a monster lurking in the dark?
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Aug 7, 2023 16:31 by Daniele Salierno

Hi, thank you for the feedback! I always have a hard time describing characters that are not supposed to be known... I'm happy I got the point across.

Aug 8, 2023 09:32

They're some of the best, though <3 And I love this one.

What would an ocean be without a monster lurking in the dark?
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