Tilda Windcrest

Tilda Windcrest

Tilda is the only daughter of Griswald Windcrest and resides with her father at The Fainting Goat inn and tavern. She is a good cook and enjoys working in the kitchen and learning new recipes. He father has told her many times to stay out of the main hall of the tavern, and not to venture into the dining areas, but she is a curious young girl and likes to listen in on all the local gossip and see the different people from all over the region.

Mental characteristics

Mental Trauma

Tilda is recovering from the horrific events that took place during the occupation of Dagger Falls, in the summer of 214 AR. While running errands for her father, Griswald Windcrest, Tilda was kidnapped by the Nyss twins Saeryn and Rhyas. The elven women took Tilda to their "father", Tanthalas Aerabor where she was killed by exsanguination and later raised as a spawn to the vampire lord.   Somehow Tilda retained a small portion of her former self and actively sought to undermine the plans of her creator, going so far as to assist the group known as Haven's Heroes in their final showdown with the vampire master. Tilda leapt on the powerful creature from the shadows, creating an opening for the paladin Kain to land a devastating smite against the undead Lunara. In retaliation, Tanthalas plunged a wooden stake through Tilda and reduced her to dust.   After claiming victory against the vampire lord, Haven's Heroes freed an Aluari priestess from Aerabor's ruined lair, thereby earning a single wish. The priestess explained they could bring back any fallen person they desired. With only one dissenting vote, the party chose to resurrect Tilda.  
"So.. do you.. uh, remember anything?" asked Elanor.
"I remember everything." replied Tilda, her voice trailing off.
  Tilda was brought back to life, but has retained all her memories of the whole ordeal.


Social Aptitude

In the past

Tilda is still coming into her own, but she is a cheerful child who like to read and play with other kids her age. She is shy and doesn't readily engage in conversation with people she doesn't know. This is partly because her father keeps a watchful eye on her and discourages her from engaging with patrons of the inn. Tilda enjoys cooking and hearing stories told by the other staff at the Fainting Goat, and the patrons who frequent the dining room of the inn and tavern. She will often stand by the door leading into the dining area and listen with her ear pressed up against the door, that is, until someone scolds her for doing so.  

But now

Tilda is reserved and distant most of the time. She is in the process of sorting out and dealing with the events of the attack on the port town. She still enjoys reading and will force a smile, if only to keep her father from constant worrying. Tilda does enjoy her work at the Goat as it keeps her mind busy and allows her time to return to the routines of her former life. She is happiest during the cherished moments spent with her friend and protector, Vodhiz Thuliaga.


Tilda Windcrest

Daughter (Vital)

Towards Griswald Windcrest



Griswald Windcrest

Father (Vital)

Towards Tilda Windcrest



Neutral Good
Current Location
Year of Birth
200 AR 14 Years old
Dagger Falls
Current Residence
Dagger Falls
Long blond
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
84 lbs.


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