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Welcome to Veneficia

Veneficia is a big continent and a part of a bigger world, but its inhabitants don't know anything about lands across the seas. It is caused by the Falling, a massive cataclysm that happened almost 1900 years ago and was very close to destroying the world. Veneficia survived only because of the Saviour, a god-like being who protected the continent. Today, he is worshipped by the inhabitants of Veneficia.



Humans are the most common sapient species in Veneficia. They live in almost every climate. They are also very diverse when it comes to the forms of political and social organization. In case of religion, most of them follow Church of the Saviour.


Elves are the second sapient species native to Veneficia. They come from the north of the continent. They live slightly longer than Humans and can be recognized by pointy ears. Religiously, they are divided. Some of the Elves follow Church of the Saviour, while others worship elven deities.


Lizardfolk are a reptilian sapient species and new arrivals in Veneficia from the east. They are a highly hierarchical society and worship a god known as the Great Snake. In Veneficia, they are present in the east in the region around the Volia river. Lizardfolk are the first outsiders to come to Veneficia since the Falling.

Main Organizations

Church of the Saviour

Church of the Saviour is the main religious organization in Veneficia. They worship the Saviour, a deity who saved the continent from the Falling. The Church is led by the High Bishop.

Syncretic Church of the Snake Saviour

Syncretic Church of the Snake Saviour is a religion followed by Humans living under the Lizardfolk occupation. It is a syncretic religion which combines the elements of the Church of the Saviour and the Cult of the Great Snake.

Kingdom of Lachia

Kingdom of Lachia, located on an island to the south, is one of the most powerful countries in Veneficia. It is a monarchy, but it has a lot of democratic and republican elements. The King is elected by the nobility and his power is limited by the parliament. The country is most famous for giving the world Arnold Baum, the inventor of the steam engine.

Gaslamp Fantasy, High Fantasy, Steampunk
Tone, Mood, Character Agency
Noble Dark/True Neutral
Current Year
1870 AF

Steam Engine

The invention of the steam engine was a major breakthrough in the world of Veneficia. Since industry and transportation have changed greatly. Most people consider that a good thing, but there are some radicals who believe that the steam engine is a work of evil. According to them, it is unnatural.


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