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Cult of the Great Snake

Cult of the Great Snake is the main religious organization of Lizardfolk. According to their believes, a diety known as the Great Snake is the creator of all Lizardfolk and he demands them to live in a strictly hierarchical society. Every Lizardfolk has a role in society determined by their birth.

Cosmological Views

The cult doesn't answer the question how the world was created. It assumes that it has existed forever before the Lizardfolk appeared. The Great Snake lived in the Lizarfolk homeland, but was lonely. From a bit of soil and plants he created a person, the first Lizardfolk. It looked perfect. For sometime they lived together, but the Lizardfolk wasn't feeling comfortable with the Snake. So the Great Snake made more Lizardfolk and populated the world with them.

Tenets of Faith

  • Every person's role and status is determined at birth
  • Obey and respect your superiors
  • Don't worship other gods
  • Don't kill


Cult of the Great Snake doesn't have a set organization structure. All priests are equal and answer only to the Great Snake. They are allowed to marry and have children. In most cases, the position of priest is hereditary.

Great Snake Priest by Hero Forge

Order and Faith

Founding Date
Unknown, long ago
Religious, Organised Religion
Alternative Names
Church of the Great Snake

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