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Narinor is land in the north of Vamporeta. Next to the kingdom of Traimora. It lies on the Red Tempest Sea.  

Home to two races:

Narinor is the only country were vampires and humans co-exist. It is forbidden for humans to hunt vampires and for vampires to kill humans. Did all was something the two leaders of the kingdom agreed on.  

The two thrones:

Narinor was ruled by two royal families. The Barnier Family a vampire family, ruled over the vampires. The Lazar Family a human family ruled over the humans in the kingdom. This system is well known and is better known as the two thrones of Narinor.  

The capital:

Samaria is the capital of Narinor, it means two rulers. Because Narinor has two ruling houses. The city is big and most of the noble vampire families have their mansions build in the city. Also, humans are living in the city of course. Only in far modest houses. The two castles are standing on the opposite sides of the city.  

First war:

Allas it was not to last, after a will the two races begin to fight over what they taught was the complete rule of Narinor. Only the meaning of the First war was slightly personal.  

Burning of the two thorns:

During the first war, the system of the two thorns collapsed. Narinor fell literaly with it. The borders between Narinor and Traimora diapered and Traimora became one big country.
Dissolution Date
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Economic System
Official Languages
Neighboring Nations

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