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Traimora lies in the north of Vamporeta, right on the coast of the Red Tempest Sea. In the east is the kingdom of Narinor. On the south border is the kingdom of Gunkuc.  


Starnia Is the capital of Traimora. The city is not massive and in the center of the city there are only shop and offices. Also the government building is in the center. The humans and hidden vampires are living in the out ring of the city.  

Fall of Narinor:

After the first war the kingdom of Narinor fall, the border between the two nations disappeared, so that Traimora became one big nation.  


The government made one thing very clear when the Peace Agreement was in the making. They wouldn't permit that vampires drunk from humans. The Blackwood Family who were present at these meetings couldn't do anything about it.  
Mister Blackwood, don't get me wrong. Your paradise is lost, destroyed. Don't expect that you get it back.

Excepting of the vampires:

Unfortunately for the vampires the government of Traimora do not expect them. But because they have nowhere else to go, the hid themself in plan side.
You can switch the layers to see how Traimora chainged.
Geopolitical, State
Government System
Democracy, Parliamentary
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