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Underground Vampires

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This legend is sadly a true story. It tells the tale of three Vampires  who locked themself in a cellar, with ten humans. After two months the Vampire Hunters found out were they were.


    This legend is spread around Traimora by the vampire nobels and Vampire Hunters. To warn the vampires who are tempted to break the law. 

Variations & Mutation

In eleven years the story has past through many forms. Sadly for one of the three vampires who was six years old at the time of the event.

The story

"Go inside!" Mikan Stryder shouted, opening their basement door and gesturing furiously to Realm and his mother Pheobe Stryder. Realm's mother had put her arms around Realm. "What's down there, Mikan?" That was the question she kept asking his father, but she still hadn't gotten an answer. Realm's father strode over to them and grabbed Realm's mother by the neck.   "I said go in." Realm's mother let Realm go and she was forcefully pushed into the basement. He turned and considered running away, he didn't know his father that way. But before he could take a step, he too was grabbed by the neck, he looked up in fear. His father had an unfamiliar look in his eyes. "You too, son." With probably the same force, Realm was also pushed into the basement. His father closed the door behind him, Realm heard the clink of keys and the click of the lock. He and his mother were now trapped in this den with his father, and Realm didn't know why. His father pushed him down the creaking wooden stairs, the space at the bottom of the stairs was dark, there was no outside light. Realm felt himself at the bottom of the stairs, his feet touching the concrete floor of the basement. His father released him and his mother's slender arm hugged him.   "Realm listen to me carefully." She whispered softly in his ear. "You have to do whatever your father asks you to do, whatever it is. I can refuse him but you can't." Realm felt a clamp around his heart, maybe his mother had an idea what was going on here. Before Realm could ask, the air in the basement filled with an iron scent. Realm didn't know why, but his stomach began to growl. A ball of light fired on and the light illuminated an image that would haunt Realm throughout his life. The basement was filled with ten people, four men, four women, and two children. The people were tied to the wall with chains. Realm's father was sitting next to a young woman, his mouth pressed to her neck. Realm felt his mother tighten. "Mikan, how can you. If the vampire hunters find us they will kill us and not just the two of us. You're putting Realm in danger with this." Realm couldn't take his eyes off his father. His father pulled his mouth from the woman's neck and glared at his wife.   "Are you a real vampire, or are you one of those cowards hiding behind the rules. A real vampire drinks human blood and not such a vague berry." Realm snatched his gaze from his father and looked desperately at his mother. He could see the anger in her eyes.   "Well then I'm not a real vampire, I won't risk my life for a vague idea of yours." Realm gently bit his lip, he had never heard his parents argue before and had to admit he didn't like it.   "Well then you will die of hunger and you son." Realm looked at his father and swallowed, he knew what his mother had just told him. Reluctantly he walked slowly to his father.   "I." He said softly.   "Speak a little louder Realm so everyone can hear you. A real vampire has no fear." Realm started to shake hard, how his father was suddenly obsessed with the words real vampire.   "I'll do whatever you ask me to do, Daddy." He said a little louder this time, his father nodded approvingly and motioned for him to kneel down by the woman.   "Drink from her, son." Realm briefly looked into the woman's eyes, which were filled with fear.   "I am sorry." He whispered softly before biting her on the neck.         Realm sat in a corner of the basement. His mother lay next to him, her head on his lap. She was weak, Realm didn't know how long they were stuck here. But during all that time his mother hadn't had a drink and that took a toll on her body. Realm had begged her to eat a few times before, but she refused. Realm stroked her red locks and hummed a soft tune, so soft his father couldn't hear it. Because real vampires don't hum, according to him. Realm had stopped himself a few times from asking what a real vampire would do. But he was afraid he already knew the answer and didn't like it.   "Realm come on it's your turn." His father beckoned him to come, Realm watched the group of people on their chains. All adults were no longer moving, his mother had told him they were asleep. Only Realm was sure she was lying, Realm knew all too well that he and his father had killed the adult. His father was kneeling next to a young girl who was trembling with fear. Realm slowly shook his head.   "I'm not hungry, father." That was a lie, his stomach had been grunting for a while.   "Realm." His father's voice was rebuking, but again Realm repeated that he wasn't hungry.   "Realm." This time it was his mother's weak voice. "Listen to your father." Realm stroked her hair again and felt a hole forming in his heart. How could she refuse feedings and he didn't? With a lot of effort she got to her feet and looked him straight in the eye.   "Realm your body is not built to be without food for too long. My body can take something." Tears began to pour down her face, and Realm knew she was lying to him again.   "Mother, I already told you I'm not hungry." Realm's father had walked up to them in the meantime.   "Drink Realm, now." Realm narrowed his eyes and reluctantly sighed, he got up and walked over to the girl who was still trembling like a straw.   "Please Realm, I don't want to die yet." She pleaded as Realm sat down next to her. Realm wanted to say he didn't want to kill her either, but his father was right behind him. Realm leaned toward her neck and was about to sink his teeth when the basement door was kicked in.       Quickly, Realm shot to his feet and saw several men and women in black uniforms running into the basement. Realm rose and frightened away from the girl, tripping over the legs of a dead man. He fell to the ground with a bang, groaning and groaning in pain. He felt a pair of arms grasp him roughly, he squeezed his eyes shut for fear.   "Be careful with him. He's just a child." Realm heard his mother scream at someone. Realm felt him being carried up the stairs and not much later the cool breeze of the outside air. He opened his eyes carefully, still being held by an unknown man in black. They were outside the house, his mother came through the door. She, too, was carried by two men, only with a little more care than with which he was held. Realm searched briefly around him, he saw nowhere his father.   "Let my son go, can't you guys see he's scared!" The fear in his mother's voice did not reassure him.   "Your son has been arrested, Mrs. Stryder just like your husband. They've broken the law." Said the man holding Realm. Realm looked anxiously at the man's face, it was covered with scars.   "Let him go Lazar. Can't you see that the boy is almost the same age as your daughter." A man stepped forward, Realm could tell by his clothes that he was not one of the men and women in black.   "No one is above the law, Barnier." The man called Banner nodded.   "We know that, but you can imagine that the boy was forced. We searched the basement and there was no sign of Bloodberry juice or other food. So he was probably forced to drink from the people." Realm felt a grip on him.   "No one not even this boy is above the law." Realm was put down and the man looked Realm in the eye.   "How old are you?" Realms held up two hands, shaking, six fingers up. "Six years and you know that drinking human blood is prohibited." Realm nodded.   "My father said that real vampires drink human blood and not the juice of a vague berry. I didn't want to drink from the nice people, but he forced me." Tears streamed down Realm's cheeks. The fear of the time in the basement finally came out. "I didn't want to drink, but. But ..."   "That's enough, Lazar. We've already executed the father." Another man in black joined them.   "Let the boy and his mother go." The man Lazar let go of Realm and she ran to his mother. Which was now supported by two vampires.
— Excerpt out A Stryder
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