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Don't believe everything you see in movies, or what you read in books. We are not monsters, the only thing that makes us divergent is that we survive on blood.
— Cleon Crypto, Liberian at the Red Tempest Academy
    Vampires are born just like Humans, the children grow up as humans. They eat this period people eat. It is not until they have reached their eighteenth year of life that the aging process slows down, which is also the age when their bodies reject normal food and they start drinking blood. Most vampires drink or eat juice from a special berry: Bloodberries  


The skin of all the vampires is clear, so there will be no pimples or scars on it. If a vampire gets hurt the skin repairs its self over time. Some vampire scholars believe it is one of the many special properties of the bloodberry.  


Otherwise, then what the folklore tells you vampires do not change in bats. Vampires are hating the little creatures, specially after the 'bad' movies were made with Count Vlademir Dracul in the leading role.   Count Dadrick Ventila has adopted the creature in to his symbol and crest of his school.


Vampires are not effected by the sun, it is only because they are so used to live during the night. That their eyes are a little sensitive for sunlight. Their skin doesn't get touch be the sun not even get a sunburn.  

Relationship with humans:

In the past there was one kingdom who excepted vampires, Narinor. Unfortunately Narinor fall after the First war. So now the vampires are hiding in the darkness of the night. There are humans how are hunting vampires, this is forbidden in Traimora. Alto the government does not admit that are vampires in their borders.  

Noble families:

There are six noble families, the Barnier family where for a time rulers over the vampires in Narinor. But after the fall of Narinor, with thanks to the crown prince Armand Barnier, they fall in the noble status.  

Turning humans in to a Vampires:

It is seen as The forbidden act by both the humans as by the vampires. This is because there are to many dangers that comes with the transformation.
120 years, oldst vampire that ever lifed was 180 years old.
Average Height
1,60 - 2 meters
Average Weight
55 - 90 kilogram
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