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Colton's March

A large village located in the south-east of the Windward Peninsula region. Colton's March sits just on the edge of the eastern foothills of the Silverpeak Mountains, on a junction of the Kingsroad, the southern branch of which leads to the trading hub of Wildriver, the northwestern branch to Duskwick and the northeastern branch to the capital city of Valliné.   Despite this seemingly prominent position on the trade road, the village has remained relatively small, although it is still a popular stopping post for travellers making their way through the area. This steady flow of through-traffic is regular enough for the village to support three different inns of varying size - The Rolling Wheel, The Wily Boatman, and The Pig.   True to its rural setting, the village is home to a small temple of Chauntea, goddess of agriculture, but also, likely due to its position on the busy trade road, boasts shrines to both Istus, goddess of fate and destiny, and Isuuna, goddess of trade.


75% Human
10% Dwarf
15% Other


The village is led by an elected mayor, who is usually the leader of the village council. The position officially has a term of five years. The mayor reports to the Baron of Wildriver, the largest government seat in the area.   Laws are kept by a small group of watchmen, who operate from a watch-house in the central village square. Justice is adminstered by the King's Courts in nearby Wildriver.


Three watchtowers command views of each of the road spurs out of the village, and are manned by members of the village watch. In times of imminent danger, these towers can raise the alarm, although as the village currently does not boast anything in the way of a defensive wall, a warning is about all that can be provided. The village watchmen are empowered to take up arms in defense of the settlement, but they are few in number, and sending word to Wildriver for help is the preferred course of action.   During The Demon War, a wooden palisade wall encircled the village, but in the intervening years of peace, that has long since been dismantled; the timber used in its construction reused by the vilalgers.

Industry & Trade

While many of the town's businesses are geared towards catering to the ceaseless flow of travellers who make their way through the settlement, the village is also surrounded by many farms, making the most of the fertile plains which stretch down from the Silverpeak Mountains towards The Lifeblood River. While most do sell their produce within Colton's March itself, nearly all of the local farmers take advantage of the easy trade connections to export to both Wildriver and Valliné. A weekly market day is held in the town square, which is attended by many of the farmers and craftspeople of the area, who take advantage of the well attended event to ply their wares.


Inns and Taverns
The Rolling Wheel - A coaching inn and popular traveller's watering hole, located towards the outskirts of town, on the Kingsroad leading towards the capital of Valliné.
The Wily Boatman - A modest inn and traveller's lodgings, found just inside the town's southern limits, on the road which leads towards Wildriver.
The Pig - A centrally located pub, found in the town's central square. Popular with residents.   Notable Merchants & Stores
The March Provisioner - a popular general store and food emporium in the town's central square, which caters to both residents and those passing through.
Trusty William's Used Carriage Emporium - An enterprising second-hand carriage merchant who runs his business out of a yard on the town outskirts.
The Sweet Tooth - A luxury chocolatier, located in the town's central square, boasting confectionary from all across Vallanna and beyond.
Heinrich's Curiosities and Curios - A small store, specialising in strange and (allegedly) mystical items.


The village was officially founded in 1011 AoU, during the reign of King Colton Enarren, the fourth monarch of the Enarren dynasty. It was named in his honour following a successful military campaign prosecuted by the King early in his reign, against the neighbouring Kingdom of Ashalla. While isolated farms and homes had been built in the area prior to this, this founding marked the first time the village was officially recorded as a settlement of the realm.
Founding Date
1011 AoU
Owning Organization


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