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Known by some as 'The Great Mother', Chauntea is the benevolent goddess of agriculture, cultivated life, and summer. As such, she is revered highly by those who work the land, and those who live in farming communities, who turn to her for hope of a good harvest to come, and in years of drought and famine look to her with pleas to save their crops and deliver them from turmoil.   Her churches and temples, usually found more often in rural communities, are not ostentatious, by and large, and are welcoming to all who seek her guidance.   A notable temple to Chauntea can be found in the village of Erivale, which was used as a refuge for the people of the village during a siege at the height of The Demon War. Temples can also be found in the villages of Alfred Mill and Colton's March.

Divine Domains

Agriculture, Life.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A Sheaf of grain or a blooming rose over grain.
Divine Classification


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