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Ryu's Brother

Prince Katsuro Mahrous

Prince Katsure Mahrous is a Dragon-kin, son of the current Dragon-kin King. He is younger brother to Chiyemi Mahrous by one year and older brother to Ryu Mahrous by six years. Katsuro, much like Ryu, is a red dragon, although his colouring ranges from Ryu's bright red to a deep maroon. In human form, his hair is a dark red (almost maroon) colour, and his build is slimmer, though a slight bit taller than Ryu.   Katsuro had his Fight for Metamorphosis just after turning 21, even though his sister was 17 when she had hers. His mother was disappointed it didn't happen earlier, but she isn't the one who chooses. His father is. And he did wait on purpose.  

Fight for the Throne

Even though he and his sister are competeing for the thrown, technically, it goes to the strongest Beast-kin. Although Katsuro is smart for a Beast-kin, he still has great strength. And as a prince, with his father being the current strongest of the Beast-kin, it would a huge loss of honour if he didn't take the throne for not being strong enough.
  Katsuro is expected to be the next Beast-kin king, but only because his sister is almost too chaotic for the role. In some senses, she would destroy what the Beast-kin have built up, and thusly hidden. This is why The Council of Turien would like her as a ruler, but in other cases, everyone fears what could become of the Beast-kin if she were to rule. Thus, Katsuro is top contender for the throne. But he doesnt want to be given the throne just because his siser was too chaotic. So, he has plans in motion to prove himself.


Katsuro likes a Rabbit-kin, Sanaye, which would be less of a problem if he wasn't in the running for the throne or definately had the throne. His Rabbit-kin 'friend' and he work in the shadows of North City. He has three Warbeast-kin aides as well. He hasn't Kin-Aide bonded to anyone as his siblings and parents have, but everyone assumes it will be one of the three Warbeast-kin. They are unsure what the other two Warbeasts will do when that happens though.
  The five of them all used to run around with large smiles on their faces as kids, but not long after Ryu was born (and brute strengthed his way into, through, and out of a few incidents) did Katsuro start growing up to manage matters. He and his retainers worked from the toxic wastes where the Sky Train is maintained, while also taking on diplomatic missions with the Council of Turien. Katsuro has also gone on research quests, though they were publically attributed as being for Sanaye. 
  Katsuro does not know if he will ever Kin-Aide with a Warbeast-kin as he is meant to. In fact (and he has kept this secret from his retainers) that he has felt a part of the bonding go towards all three Warbeast-kin he is closest to. He can still feel it when he calls in all three of them, each the same strength. Yet adding the strenghts of the three bonds does not equal to the strength of a normal Kin-Aide bond. Thus Katsuro is unsure as to whether he is weak, or if something new will arise from him. He has however, let out his frustrations about this to a Snake-kin named Jim one time, when they were drunk after being 'dismissed by the adults' from a Council meeting with the tribe leaders... But surely nothing will come from that? RIght? 
  Regardless, Katsuro doesn't see this as a weakness. Or rather, he cannot. For to rule, he cannot have weakness. Any weakness must be crushed by his own strength. That's why his sister Chiyemi is so formidable. She is crazy - which would be a weakness in a ruler, yet she has the strength to shut down any opposition, and her Kin-Aide is stronger than any in the last three generations. Thus her Warbeast-kin is able to also share her strength. He is someone who has both strength and wit. He, in turn, has a group of people that surround Chiyemi, not letting those who would be killed near her. They cover what she doesn't have with their strengths.  


Katsuro was primarily educated in North City, where a large number of Beast-kin reside and take schooling. Every few years, he would study with the Snake-kin and Frog-kin in the Swamp and every other year he would take a month out to study directly under his father. They would fly out to different areas of the continent, and often camp for a few days and/or visit the people there. Thus, Katsuro grew up to understand the typical Human school system, as well as the land of Turien.  


After two years of wining the Annual Strength Contest held for Beast-kin (not exclusive to Beast-kin, but hardly anyone else would join) Katsuro was beaten by a Human female. Well, Half-Human, Magenta Charles. Some, such as his brother Ryu, saw this as a supreme failure, or cause for refight or vengence, but Katsuro himself was not as fired up by the result. It was a shameful loss, but that just meant he had more to learn. He rather thought it kept him from being too prideful, and reminding him of his own sister to look out for. After all, if a simple Human could beat him, what more could his sister do?
  Since his defeat, he has not fought in the Annual Strength Contest, but rather has been gathering the top contenders to his side and training with them between contests. This seems to be why Ryu is adamant about having a refight between Magenta and Katsuro as he thinks Magenta crushed his brother's spirit, without actually realising what Katsuro is thinking behind the scenes. Not that he's a good listener even if he did hear of it.


When they were little (from when Katsuro was concieved to when Ryu was around 3) people living below Dragon Mountain could tell what time of day it was based on what part of the mountain was being destroyed at the time. Despite the fact that property was destroyed, this only heightened the respect for the Dragon-kin King and his family as it was seen as a display of strength. And as Beast-kin, strength is what matters more than anything else.
  Chiyemi is often away from Dragon-kin Mountain as she was given a mountain next door to reside in. Katsuro is mostly living in North City, but often visits Dragon Mountain to hang with Ryu. Chiyemi doesn't care much for Ryu and so Ryu doesn't see her much. Thus the fight between Magenta and Katsuro was not as much of a big deal to Katsuro (as he has fought often with his sister, and generally loses when it is a one on one brute strength battle) but is a bigger deal to Ryu who looks up to his brother as the next King and can't handle someone being stronger.
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Current Residence
Neat, short, brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Red scales in Dragon form

Notable Retainers:

Warbeast-kin 1:
Takesh, male, 23
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Warbeast-kin 2:
Ethan, male, 22
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Warbeast-kin 3:
Oz, male, 23
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Sanaye, female, 22
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